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This Dog Mama Was Cruelly Abandoned By Owner Just Because She Had A Big Litter

This Dog Mama Was Cruelly Abandoned By Owner Just Because She Had A Big Litter

Dogs are beings that need love from their favorite people in every moment of their lives if they want to thrive. This is especially the case when the mother dog welcomes her little babies into this world. It is when human support is most valuable for her. 

Unfortunately, many people treat canines like toys, not even thinking about the facts mentioned above. This is exactly what the employees of One of a Kind Pet Rescue, located in Akron, Ohio, witnessed after they were informed of a mother dog whom her family heartlessly abandoned.

Her only “sin” was that she gave birth to more puppies than her family expected – 12, to be exact. 

A Terrific Mom

When Tanya Jonda, executive director of One of a Kind Pet Rescue, heard what happened to this mother dog named Violet and her newborn puppies, her heart broke. 

“I was contacted by a woman in Columbus who is a friend of my daughter,” Tanya told The Dodo. “She took the mama and puppies in after she saw the post on Facebook by someone who claimed they were dumped on their property.”

Although she was aware of the difficult job ahead of her, Tanya decided to take care of Violet and her little ones. She just couldn’t say “no” to these poor helpless beings. 

As soon as they arrived at their premises in Akron, Ohio, the staff immediately noticed that the mother dog was extremely emaciated, covered in fleas, and blind in one eye. Yet, at the same time, her babies were healthy, meaning Violet was a terrific mother to her babies.

“We gave the puppies names that start with ‘V.’ For being such a large litter, they get along very well and always pile up together when sleeping. This may be due to their abandonment and need for comfort.” Tanya said. 

Fortunately, thanks to the good souls who decided to help this canine family, a brighter future surely awaited them.

Better Days Ahead

According to the One of a Kind Pet Rescue Facebook post, “26 DhPP vaccines, 26 de-worming treatments, one heartworm test for mom, 13 spay/neuter surgeries, 13 flea/tick preventions, 13 heartworm preventions, 13 microchips, and one rabies vaccine for mom” were needed for this canine family to get in shape. 

Thanks to their devotion and many donations from people with great hearts, the recovery was more than successful. The puppies slowly grew into healthy and happy dogs, and mom’s heart was full because she was able to watch them thrive. 

Soon, all the pups were ready for adoption. According to The Dodo, six of them quickly found their forever homes, while mom and the other half of the litter had to be patient a little longer.

Tanya described Violet as “a lovely girl with a wonderful disposition” who “loves all people and other dogs.” On the other hand, there is no need to say anything about the puppies because we all know that they are a guarantee of happiness and joy in every house they come to.

That’s why we firmly believe that the complete canine family will soon meet its happiest ending to the joy of both themselves and those who helped them in their most difficult moments.