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Mixed Breed Dogs

If you want the best of both worlds, let us introduce to you the beautiful world of mixed breed dogs. Learn how many mixes there are, how to take care of them, what are their characteristics, and much more. 

Find your Fido

Sheepadoodle dog running in the park


Everything you need to know about this Old English Sheepdog and Poodle mix.

mini Goldendoodle standing on grass


The irresistable mix of adorable Golden Retriever and even cuter Poodle dog.

labradoodle dog sitting in the wood on the leaves


One of the world's most famous dog breeds that could be your perfect pet.

Bernedoodle walking on grass


The ultimate companion dog with its charming, goofy, and loyal nature.

mini aussiedoodle


Incredibly smart and loving cross of an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle.

happy cockapoo running


A small dog with the sweetest personality and a heart of the comedian.

Bullmastiff is standing on the grass

Mastiff Mixes

A collection of mesmerizing Mastiff mixes that will captivate your heart.

german shepherd sitting on the grass

German Shepherd Mixes

Learn all about amazing German Shepherd mixes that you might not even know about.

Great dane Dog lying outdoors

Great Dane Mixes

The directory of many wonderful Great Dane mixes and unique-looking dogs.

a beautiful Chihuahua runs across the grass

Chihuahua Mixes

Find out everything there is to know about adorable Chihuahua mixes.

playful Jack Russell Terrie

Jack Russell Mixes

The guide to various Jack Russell mixes and their unique characteristics.

Blue merle Australian shepherd dog in the forest at sunset

Australian Shepherd Mixes

Meet cute Aussie dog breeds that you'll not be able to resist.

cute golden retriever in the field

Golden Retriever Mixes

The golden list of all Golden Retriever mixes and their adorable features.

french bulldog standing on grass looking at cameras

French Bulldog Mixes

All Frenchie variants in one place that simply excel at being way too cute.

brown pit bull terrier with not cropped ears

Pit Bull Mixes

The ultimate guide to Pitbull hybrids, their characteristics, needs, and qualities.

cavapoo puppy walking on grass


The Cavapoo and its playful, outgoing, and affectionate nature we all love.

cute Belgian Malinois running

Belgian Malinois Mixes

The perfect mix of amazing Belgian Malinois traits and friendlier temperament.

Corgi is lying in the grass

Corgi Mixes

Meet all those adorable Corgi mixes that will certainly steal your heart.

dog standing on seashore

Australian Cattle Dog Mixes

Australian Cattle Dog or Blue Heeler? No matter the name, you must know these mixes.

close up of blue eyed husky

Husky Mixes

Adorable Siberian Husky mixes with the most unique names in the canine world.

Large Poodle walks in the field

Poodle Mixes

Poodle mixes are known to melt people's heart. Learn all about them.

black dog sitting outside on path

Cane Corso Mixes

A combination of unique Cane Corso mixes that can be your future family dog.

Saint Bernard dog stands in nature

Saint Bernard Mixes

The all-time list of heavenly good dogs known as beautiful Saint Bernard mixes.

labrador sitting on grass

Labrador Mixes

The most popular doggie in the world and its equally stunning mixed dog breeds.

Doberman standing in field looking away

Doberman Mixes

The listicle of fearless guardians that are prepared to serve, protect, and love.

Yorkshire terrier in the park.

Yorkshire Terrier Mixes

Different Yorkie mixes that will charm you with their looks and personality.

Maltipoo puppy standing on a chair


A charming Maltese Poodle mix that can't get any cuter than it already is.

cute maltese dog standing with bubbles

Maltese Mixes

Gorgeous hybrid dogs that will blow your mind with how adorable they are.

chow chow in the park

Chow Chow Mixes

The catalogue of ultimate teddy-bear dogs that are perfect for cuddling.

cute dalmatian dog with black spots

Dalmatian Mixes

Yours' one and only spotted mixed breed dogs that make delightful companions.

red Border Collie standing outside

Border Collie Mixes

Extremely intelligent and energetic Collie mixes that will steal your heart.

shiba inu running through a field

Shiba Inu Mixes

Enter the world of unusual Shiba Inu hybrids that will fascinate you.

Pomeranian stands in the garden

Pomeranian Mixes

The dream come true, or in other words - the fluffiest Pom Pom mixes in one place.