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Missouri Rescuers Notice A Frightened Dog Running Along The Railroad Tracks And Rush To Help

Missouri Rescuers Notice A Frightened Dog Running Along The Railroad Tracks And Rush To Help

When the staffers at the Missouri rescue noticed a frightened stray pup running along the railroad tracks on a freezing day, they became incredibly worried for his safety. 

Since the next train was expected any minute, the rescuers jumped to action right away.

The white stray pup made his way along the metro tracks, tired and unsure of everything. 

All he wanted was that someone would notice him and take him somewhere safe and warm.

Joining Forces To Save The Pup

The incoming train wasn’t the only thing that the rescuers were concerned about.

“[T]he spot [where] we initially saw him on the tracks was open and right above the river. One wrong step and he could have very easily fallen in,” Donna Lochmann, the chief life-saving officer at Stray Rescue of St. Louis, told The Dodo.

Lochmann’s first instinct was to run toward the pup, later named Laclede, and snatch him off the train tracks before the next train arrived.

However, the employees didn’t allow her to put her own life in danger, and they forbade her to step on the railroad.

Lochmann decided to put her foolproof strategy into action. She began using the delicious treats in order to lure Laclede to safety.

After the metro employees notified the conductor of the incoming train that there was a dog on the tracks, they slowed down. 

The compassionate employees rushed to the railroad tracks and tried to push the dog toward his rescuers.

Thanks to everyone’s cooperation, Lochmann managed to secure Laclede with a leash. Everyone breathed a sense of relief.

“He was scared, filthy, so skinny and freezing. The temperatures that day were in single digits, and the wind was so cold … it was nice to finally get him off those tracks,” Lochmann said.

Laclede didn’t realize what was going on at first.

Feeling Safe And Grateful

Lochmann carried him in his arms and took him to her warm Jeep.

The rescuers covered him with cuddles, and the pup curled up, soaking up all their affection. Feeling safe and cared for, Laclede fell asleep in the car.

The dog’s heroes drove him to the rescue’s headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, and the vet team examined him. 

Apart from being malnourished and dirty, the sweet pup was in good health.

His caregivers gave him a nice, soothing bath. After some healthy meals, Laclede started to cheer up. 

He looked at his rescuers with eyes filled with appreciation.

The pooch realized that his luck changed for the better. He was overwhelmed with happiness, and his tail couldn’t stop wagging.

Day after day, Laclede improved more and more. As he revealed more of his adorable personality, he captivated the hearts of his caregivers.

“Everyone who meets Laclede falls in love instantly. He’s a big, boisterous, joyful boy, but he is also so gentle and caring,” the rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

The staff loves Laclede and can’t wait to see him find his happy ending.

Searching For His Place Under The Sun

The pup is grateful for all the affection his human friends selflessly gave him. He no longer feels scared. 

Although Laclede likes hanging out with the wonderful staffers and volunteers, he hopes that he will soon meet his family.

The delightful canine dreams of running into his parents’ loving arms, hugging them tightly, and starting a new life with them.

I hope with all my heart that Laclede’s dream will come true soon. He deserves it.