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Miracle Chihuahua Survives A Shocking Fall, Then Finds A Loving Home

Miracle Chihuahua Survives A Shocking Fall, Then Finds A Loving Home

When construction workers arrived at a construction site in Round Rock, Texas, they could never have imagined the scene that they would witness that day.

While they were working, they suddenly heard someone crying. They immediately looked around, trying to pinpoint where the the crying sounds were coming from.

As they looked up to the sky, they were surprised to see a hawk that was clutching a little, defenseless puppy in its claws.

A few moments afterward, the hawk dropped the Chihuahua to the ground and flew away. The worried construction workers rushed to pick the puppy up and they took him to an emergency vet clinic right away.

Miracle Puppy

They had hoped that he would be alright. The vet examined the pup and he was found to be in good health. He only had minor wounds on his body from the hawk’s talons.

The vet scanned him, but he didn’t find a microchip. Since nobody claimed the pooch, he was taken to Austin Animal Center.

The shelter staff welcomed the sweet puppy and took care of him. He was estimated to be 6 weeks old. The tiny pooch stole the hearts of his shelter friends and they showered him with love that he needed so badly.

They were amazed by his miraculous survival, and they called him “Miracle Puppy”.

“When I met this little puppy not long after he came into our shelter, all he wanted was to be held. He was hooked up to an IV to deliver fluids, but despite that he kept trying to walk to the front of his kennel to get to me. I snuggled him as much as I could, being careful of his IV. He’s really just a sweetheart,” Jennifer Olohan, communication and media manager for Austin Animal Center, told The Dodo.

The shelter staff was happy when they heard that their sweet pup would make a complete recovery. Luckily, he didn’t have any internal injuries.

Choosing The Perfect Forever Home For Tony Hawk

The shelter contacted one of their fosters, Renee Bonifay Keyes, and asked her if she could take the pooch home. Keyes happily agreed. She and her family took great care of him and gave him all their love.

Keyes’ son named the puppy Tony Hawk after the pro skateboarder because the little canine managed to escape the talons of the hawk and survive the fall from the sky.

Surrounded with love and affection, Tony recovered very soon. His foster mom received many adoption applications for Tony, and she was determined to choose the best parents for the little nugget.

At the time, Georgia Bramhall and her family were saddened by the disappearance of Bentley, their beloved Chihuahua, who went missing a few months ago. They never stopped hoping that they would find him.

As soon as Bramhall heard the news about Tony Hawk, the Chihuahua who was dropped from the sky, she knew she had to meet him, so she went to visit him. 

From the moment Bramhall saw the pawdorable Chihuahua, she fell in love with him, and the two of them formed an instant bond. She couldn’t wait to become his forever mom and she filled out the adoption application. 

Tony was thrilled. In his mom’s loving arms, he found the happiness he was searching for. 

Tony Hawk sometimes posts updates about his everyday activities on his Instagram account. He’s a real cuddle bug and enjoys covering his family in kisses. He is living his best life.

Let Tony Hawk’s story be a reminder to all dog owners to take extra care of your pets and to protect them from wildlife. We should always keep an eye on our beloved furry companions and keep them safe like they deserve.