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Meet The Platypups: People Are Sharing Their Hilarious Pics Of This New Breed

Meet The Platypups: People Are Sharing Their Hilarious Pics Of This New Breed

Shh, don’t make a sound. We have to be really quiet now. You see that dog? That’s a Platypup, rarely seen in the wild. If we make a sound, he’ll rush over begging for treats and belly rubs.

No, we haven’t gone mental. Platypups are real! But they’re simply our wacky doggos with their noses buried in shoes. Yes, used shoes. Ew!

Either way, pups seem to enjoy it, and who are we to judge?

The reason behind them sticking their noses and sniffing our shoes is because dogs pick up on smells we can’t register. Most of the time, those odors are linked only to you, the owner.

In short: your shoe smells like you, and that’s why your dog loves it. Be flattered!

Also, shoes are usually made of the same material as dog chew toys. Dogs + chewing = a disaster. You better train that pup before it sinks its teeth into every pair of shoes you own.

Better yet, keep the shoes out of your dog’s reach. They’re curious animals that will at least take a sniff.

Platypups have gone viral, and people are sharing pics of their dogs enjoying the platy life. Check ‘em out!

1. Actually, this sad doggo here is a mixture of a Platypup and a Platycroc. Very rare, indeed.

Meet The Platypups 1

2. Platypups can be quite dangerous. This one will sneak up on you and beg for ear scratchies.

Meet The Platypups 2

3. A Puppamoc is a breed still at its beginning stages. This one will grow into a Platypup in no time.

Meet The Platypups 3

4. Aah! A true, beautiful example of the breed. One of the earliest Platypups. Can we just stop for a moment and admire this Platypup?

Meet The Platypups 4

5. You don’t want to make a Platypup angry. Ever. Whoever took this photo is in serious trouble!

Meet The Platypups 5

6. This is the majestic long-neck Platypup in its natural habitat. One of the rarest of them all!

Meet The Platypups 6

7. Unlike other Platypups who have general issues with breathing, the Platypup Corgi gets plenty of air. The breeders worked really hard to achieve this trait.

Meet The Platypups 7

8. White Platypups are even rarer than you think. Often used as show dogs, these puppers are natural-born showstoppers!

Meet The Platypups 8

9. Platypups love to sleep. They spend over 12 hours a day sleeping. A perfect breed if you’re as lazy as these guys!

Meet The Platypups 9

10. One of the biggest features of this breed is their intelligence. The Platypup will see right through you and give you the stink eye if he catches you fooling him.

Meet The Platypups 10

11. See, the sleeping part is 100% true.

Meet The Platypups 11

12. latypups are masters of disguise. That might be why you still haven’t seen one in real life.

Meet The Platypups 12

13. Oh, don’t worry. He’ll grow into that bill.

Meet The Platypups 13

14. A Platypup’s bill doesn’t usually match the rest of its body, but this one does. We call them fashionista Platypups.

Meet The Platypups 14

15. Some Platypups have a spare bill to change into once in a while.

Meet The Platypups 15

16. Here we see a Platypup in the process of changing its bill. It’s a tiring endeavor that requires lots of time. Hence, the sleeping part.

Meet The Platypups 16

17. The Golden Platypup is the most common. They’re sweet and gentle and love giving platykisses.

Meet The Platypups 17

18. All the other dogs in the neighborhood envy Preston the Platypup. Everyone wants to be like him.

Meet The Platypups 18

19. Some Platypups never grow into their bills. Some outgrow them.

Meet The Platypups 19

20. See, some Platypups really can’t match their bills!

Meet The Platypups 20

21. On the other hand, some simply forget how to Platypup.

Meet The Platypups 21

22. … and they keep on forgetting.

Meet The Platypups 22

23. Some have big dreams.

Meet The Platypups 23

24. This Golden Platypup loves daydreaming. What do they dream about? Platysquirrles?

Meet The Platypups 24

25. Yup, we have no idea either. Which way is the head again?

Meet The Platypups 25

26. This is one sad Platypup. He really misses his hooman.

Meet The Platypups 26

27. A Platypup is a loyal bud who waits by the door ‘til you get back home.

Meet The Platypups 27

28. You can tell whether the Platypup is a boy or girl by looking at the bill. The blue one is clearly a boy Platypup.

Meet The Platypups 28

29. A Platypup fashion lover whose bill has to match his collar. Bravo!

Meet The Platypups 29

30. Some dogs will never learn how to be a Platypup, no matter how hard they try.

Meet The Platypups 30