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Stray Dog With Severely Matted Coat Leaves Rescuers In Shock With Her Sweet Secret 

Stray Dog With Severely Matted Coat Leaves Rescuers In Shock With Her Sweet Secret 

You never know when someone in trouble would need your help. 

You might be coming home from work and stumble upon a car crash with people needing help. 

You might be walking around your neighborhood and see a house fire starting.

You could even be walking in the park and encounter a human being collapsed on the sidewalk. 

Surprises never stay idle, whether they’re unpleasant or not. 

Some are big and important changes, while others are minor at first glance, but still very much worthy.

Belle didn’t expect anything big to happen that day. 

She didn’t expect such a surprise, let alone for someone to need her help.

When she stepped outside her friend’s house that day, Belle was rushed to the other side of the street.

Someone needed her badly. 

Who could it be? 

Surprises Never End

a stray dog sits in the grass
Source: The Dodo

Just as she stepped outside her friend’s house in South California that day, Belle Bermudez saw a woman desperately waving at her, calling her to come over. 

Something was odd, but Belle didn’t hesitate for a moment. Whoever needed her help, needed it fast.

The woman waving at Belle took her to a bushy area where she showed her something fluffy, curled in the bushes. 

It was a dog… a severely matted and scruffy one, but still a living and breathing dog. 

Belle and the woman knew they had to react fast. But, how do you rescue a dog that’s so scared of humans that she won’t even look at them? 

“My neighbor gave me a spare leash, which I used to catch Swiftie and bring her down from the hill where she ran up when I first tried to approach her. She was very scared and wouldn’t move, eat any food/treats or drink any water while anyone was near her.”, said Belle.

Somehow, after reassuring her they wouldn’t do her any harm, the dog gave in and allowed Belle to bring her with her.

found stray dog sitting in a plastic tub
Source: The Dodo

The dog, who she named Swiftie, was immediately scanned for a microchip to see if she belonged to someone. Sadly, there was no positive outcome. Swiftie was a stray, without a home and a human to have her back. 

That’s when Belle knew she had to step in and give Swiftie a temp home. 

Belle called her friend to help her clean the dog. She was in terrible condition… dirty, with her coat severely overgrown and matted.

When the two friends washed and dried off Swiftie, they decided to give her a fresh cut for a fresh start.

Little did they know that Swiftie was hiding a big surprise that was about to be discovered. 

What could it be?

I Like Your Plan, But I Have A Better One

a rescued dog with her puppies
Source: The Dodo

With all that extra coat gone, Bella and her friend could see it clearly:

Swiftie was pregnant! 

Her huge belly wasn’t really noticeable under all that coat. When they stripped it down, it revealed that Swiftie was about to give birth any day. 

Belle decided it would be best to ask some at the local shelters if they could take Swiftie in.

“This way I could be confident that she and her puppies would be well taken care of,” Belle said. “I planned to take her there as soon as they opened at 10 a.m. the following morning.”

However, Swiftie had other plans. 

That morning, when Belle woke up to bring her to the shelter, she noticed that Swiftie was acting very strange. Could it be? Was Swiftie about to give birth?

Indeed, she was!

“I panicked at first, but then somehow mom mode took over,” Belle said. “I got towels and called the friend who helped me groom her … She got there before the third and fourth came and helped me get them cleaned up and nursing on Mama.”

The brave stray that was once a frizzy mess turned out to be such a brave mama. Swiftie gave birth to seven puppies! 

black and white puppies
Source: The Dodo

And, they all got cool names just like their mommy! Belle and her husband welcomed Swifties’ babies into their home. Traffic Light, Lover, Augustine, Lavender, Haze, Cowboy, and Saturn all loved to be a part of the Bermudez home.


Our founder took in a stray dog to keep her safe from coyotes, found out she’s not microchipped, very very sweet, and very very pregnant. The next morning she delivered 7 puppies in the garage. Her name is Mama Swiftie. More adorable puppy videos coming soon.

♬ Don’t Blame Me – Taylor Swift

The plan was to keep them just for a while until Swiftie recovered from the birth.

“Then the two tinies started losing weight, and I began supplementing them with formula and Nutrical and decided to keep them for five to seven days until everyone stabilized. Then that turned into 10 to 14 days. Then we decided that we would foster everyone for the eight weeks and find homes for everyone. Both [my] husband and I got attached to making sure they grow and thrive.”, said Belle. 

What To Do With Eight Dogs?

You keep them, that’s what! 

Belle and her husband decided to keep all the puppies until they turned 8 weeks of age and became ready for adoption.

The road was a bumpy one. Some pups weren’t putting on weight as fast as their siblings. Belle had to take extra care of them to keep them alive.

It was her TLC that kept Swiftie’s entire litter in one piece. 

The little ones were born in June of 2023. It’s August now, and some pups have already found their furever home. By the end of this month, they all will be with loving families, including mommy Swiftie.

Swiftie, a part miniature Poodle and part Pekingese, or Peekapoo, has found her new mommy and they both couldn’t be happier. Exchanging her cozy Southern California home for a new one would be an adventure, but Swiftie is ready for it.


Saying goodbye was hard. Knowing that she’s going to be unconditionally loved and cared for for the rest of her life by the most amazing woman made it easier.

♬ Death By A Thousand Cuts – Live From Paris – Taylor Swift

Although Belle is sad that her morning won’t be filled with puppy cuddles anymore, she’s super glad that she helped raise such beautiful little souls. And, she’s even more proud of herself for rescuing Swiftie and helping her step out of her shell.

Swiftie is now a brand-new dog that trusts humans, loves, and wants to feel loved in return. 
It will be hard to keep track of all seven puppies and their mommy in their new homes, but we hope Belle will post occasional updates on her TikTok account.