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Man’s Heart Broke When He Found A Litter Of Abandoned Puppies On Thrown-Out Mattress

Man’s Heart Broke When He Found A Litter Of Abandoned Puppies On Thrown-Out Mattress

Although they often bring us a lot of joy, our furry companions can sometimes make us very sad as well. However, most often, it is not their fault but that of those who should do everything to help them and ensure a brighter future. 

One good man from Gary, Indiana, has always tried to provide his dog with everything he needs for a happy life. That’s exactly how it was one day when he took him for a walk, providing him with one of his favorite activities. 

Everything was ideal until they came across discarded mattresses and saw that something was moving on them. Then, this man came back to reality and realized that not all people are the same and that not all dogs have the privilege of living a happy life.

Heartbreaking Sight

What broke this man’s heart the moment he came closer was the sight of a litter of six abandoned puppies on a pile of discarded mattresses. Although this man was both sad and angry at the same time, he did not have much time to despair but had to act quickly. 

He soon pulled himself together and called Silverstray Social for help. People from this organization, which saves animals and supports pet families, did not expect this call because it was the Friday evening before Memorial Day. 

However, despite everything, they didn’t wait a minute but immediately sprang into action when they heard what was going on. When one of their volunteers, Layce, came to Gary, Indiana, the puppies were already in a makeshift kennel, thanks to the man who found them. 

As soon as this woman saw the little ones, she noticed that they were very emaciated. Layce was convinced that they were around two months old, considering their appearance. Yet, she was in for a surprise after the examination. 

“What everybody thought [were] 6- to 8-week-old puppies ended up being 6-month-old puppies … That’s how malnourished they were,” Kelly Carey, founder of Silverstray Social, told The Dodo.

However, instead of discouraging them, this very fact motivated them even more to do everything to ensure a brighter future for the little pups. 

Hope For A Happy Life

Despite their age, for these people, puppies were still babies for whom they were ready to do anything. That’s why Kelly immediately contacted some organizations that would potentially be willing to take care of them. 

It wasn’t long before she was able to make a deal with a local rescue organization, Guardians of the Green Mile. These people decided to welcome the six puppies with open arms. Before that happened, the puppies spent the night with a big-hearted volunteer. 

According to the Guardians of the Green Mile Facebook post, all the pups have been successfully checked out by a vet and they managed to find them foster homes

“Despite the look of them, they are all very sweet and friendly pups with great dispositions,” they wrote in the post. 

Since the day the good man found them, these puppies have been thriving and hope could finally be seen in their eyes. Although they did not have the privilege of living a happy life in the beginning, a lot has changed in the meantime. 

It only took one good soul to weep over their sad fate, and immediately, the sun began to rise over their heads. Soon, they will be able to enjoy a walk with their loving human, just like the happy dog from the beginning of this story.