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An Affectionate Mangy Puppy Who Desperately Needed Help Gets Rescued On The Beach

An Affectionate Mangy Puppy Who Desperately Needed Help Gets Rescued On The Beach

It’s hard to imagine that anyone can be indifferent to the suffering of dogs who roam the streets. The hungry strays look at the passers-by with hopeful eyes, begging them for help.

Sadly, some people turn their heads away from the pups and continue with their lives, making the canines feel invisible.

Toby, an adorable stray puppy endured hunger and pain as he dragged his tired body covered in mange. He only had one wish – to become healthy again.

One day, he came to the beach, searching for good humans who would help him and show him the kindness that missed in his life.

Beach Day Turns Into A Rescue Day

stray black dog
Source: The Dodo

As soon as the pooch noticed a couple, he made his way toward them. He started wagging his tail. His heart was overflowing with hope.

The wonderful people whom the pup approached were Chelsea and her husband. They happened to be dog rescuers.

The moment they saw the horrible condition the puppy was in, the good humans were shocked. They couldn’t believe that other people who saw him did nothing to help him.

The pup, later named Toby, was skinny. His body was sore and mangy. Despite being in pain, Toby’s eyes were full of love and hope.

The couple fed him and talked to him in a loving voice.

Toby knew that he made the right choice when he approached them.

When the rescuers snuggled with him, Toby rolled over on his belly. He was melting with love.

“For the first time in his life, he felt safe. He was so grateful to be rescued,“ Chelsea told The Dodo.

Toby covered his rescuers with kisses.

woman and black dog
Source: The Dodo

The rescuers took him straight to the vet, who gave him a thorough medical checkup. Toby was diagnosed with demodex mange. 

The puppy was given antibiotics and the necessary treatment for his skin condition.

He stayed at the clinic for a few days, and the vet monitored his condition.

After Toby felt better, he was discharged from the clinic, and his rescuers took him home.

Recovering In A Loving Foster Home

cute puppy in car

During the first days at his foster home, Toby was tired, and he spent most of his time sleeping. 

The pup started receiving injections for his skin. His fosters pampered him with care and gave him a ton of love. 

As days went by, Toby’s condition improved. He began exploring the house and showing his playful personality.

dog standing near pool
Source: Souls of Sato

He deeply loved his foster parents, and he would always run to their arms and give them the sweetest of hugs. 

They were smitten with the wonderful pup and his incredible strength.

“Being proud of this little man is an understatement, we are blown away by his strength, courage, and most of all his spirit. He has yet to have a bad day (even when he was at his worst) he lives every single day HAPPY and full of absolute LOVE,” his rescuers wrote in a Facebook post.

Just when Toby started recovering, he felt severe pain in his lower back. His fosters were deeply worried and they rushed him to the specialist.

It turned out Toby had a bacterial infection. The little boi was prescribed antibiotics.

His fosters were relieved when they saw him wagging his tail again. They knew that he was no longer in pain.

Toby made a full recovery in his foster home. His skin healed completely, and new fur grew back. He transformed into a gorgeous pup.

happy black dog
Source: Souls of Sato

Although his fosters loved him deeply, they understood that it was time for Toby to take the next step toward achieving his dreams.

The pup kissed his amazing rescuers goodbye and began searching for his happily ever after.

Dreams Do Come True

black dog laying on the couch
Source: Souls of Sato

Hearts For Paws Rescue, the foster-based rescue in California, took Toby under their care. They were committed to helping him find a forever home that he deserved.

The delightful pup was placed into a loving foster home. After waiting for some time for the family of his dreams, Toby received the happiest news.

An amazing family fell in love with him, and they couldn’t wait to take him home.

Toby was glowing with happiness when he met his forever parents, Heather and Ben. He knew that his greatest wish came true.

The pup’s family loves him to the moon and back.

couple and black dog
Source: Souls of Sato

The delightful pup changed his name to Hamilton. He is living his best life in California, and he enjoys going on adventures with his parents.

Hamilton adores his forever family, and he often showers them with kisses.