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This Mangy Dog Transforming Into The Most Beautiful Golden Retriever Will Make Your Day

This Mangy Dog Transforming Into The Most Beautiful Golden Retriever Will Make Your Day

Unfortunately, finding an abandoned dog on the street is nothing new. Many people view their furry pets as toys, discarding them when they cease to be interesting to them.

Because of such human behavior, many dogs experience sad fates that can sometimes end tragically. Their only hope remains big-hearted people who are ready to help them regardless of their condition.

Just one poor dog wandering the streets of Guam was hoping that a miracle would happen and that some good Samaritan would give him a new chance in life. 

Soon, he truly saw the light at the end of the dark tunnel. 

Such A Desperate State

mangy dog walking alone
Source: The Dodo

When Kelsey saw this poor mangy dog, her heart broke. The poor furry thing was so sick and skinny that it was hard to tell which breed she was at first. However, this experienced rescuer of Boonie Flight Project, a rescue organization from Guam, soon knew it. 

“I had just never seen a Golden Retriever in such a bad state,” Kelsey told The Dodo. “She was incredibly skinny. Her hair was missing.”

When she realized that it was a Golden Retriever in a desperate state, Kelsey immediately brought the dog home with her. As soon as they arrived, Kelsey and her daughter gave her a good bath so she started to look a bit like a real dog. 

poor dog being found
Source: The Dodo

However, only then did she realize how skinny this dog really was. Plus, the leash that was hanging around her neck was so etched into her skin that they barely managed to get it off. 

What surprised Kelsey and her daughter the most was the fact that this dog sits when she is told to sit. This meant that she had an owner who taught her commands well. 

mangy dog on street
Source: The Dodo

What remained unknown to them was whether her owner abandoned her or she got lost and no one was looking for her. 

Anyway, now she is finally safe and gets a chance for a new beginning.  

Amazing Transformation

mangy dog
Source: The Dodo

Kelsey was so happy that she was able to help this poor dog and put a smile back on her face. She and her daughter decided to call her Birdie and that was the moment when her road to full recovery began. 

“I felt so good being able to save her and not letting her stay on the road,” Kelsey happily stated. 

Since Birdie was still in quite a bad state, her savior brought her to the veterinary clinic. The vet determined that she was suffering from sarcoptic mange, a highly contagious skin condition caused by microscopic Sarcoptes mites.

dog being groomed
Source: The Dodo

Because of this nasty skin condition, Birdie had to stay at the clinic for two weeks. Yet, after she was released, she was a brand-new dog. Her transformation was truly incredible. 

When her two-week stay at the clinic ended, Kelsey took Birdie into her home until she was able to find a forever one. It would be an understatement to say that she was over the moon. 

“She was so happy,” Kelsey said. “She didn’t know what to do with herself.”

After this event, only beautiful moments followed in Birdie’s life. She enjoyed playing with her family, her wounds were healing – both on her body and on her soul, and she especially loved visiting the beach with her foster mom and breathing in the fresh sea air. 

dog on the beach
Source: The Dodo

After the most beautiful month and a half in the foster home, Birdie fully recovered and was finally ready for adoption. They couldn’t even imagine how many people would fall in love with this amazing dog.

New Beginning

Soon after Birdie’s fur grew back and all of her wounds healed, people around the world heard about her and many of them were delighted with her life story. 

“We posted her story,” Kelsey said. “Everyone wanted to adopt her.”

The choice was not at all easy, but the perfect adopters eventually showed up. The couple who had the honor of giving her a forever home greeted Birdie with the words, “Oh my gosh, she is just so perfect.”

smiling couple with dog
Source: The Dodo

When Kelsey gave them the leash, Birdie immediately ran toward her new people with a heart full of happiness and contentment, just as if she knew that it was her new beginning. In just a few weeks, she went from a mangy dog ​​to a beautiful Golden Retriever with a loving family.

“She’s going to be loved so much, ’cause she already is,” Kelsey proudly said at the end. “And who could not love her?”