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Man Who Caught A Pup Wandering In His Yard Soon Realized That It Wasn’t A Dog At All

Man Who Caught A Pup Wandering In His Yard Soon Realized That It Wasn’t A Dog At All

The life of an animal lover is filled with interesting stories. You never know when you’re about to discover something extraordinary or even end up saving a life.

In this case, one Georgia family experienced a whole new surprise – and it made them roll in the aisles!

Walker Jones and his girlfriend, Blaire Effler, have always had a soft spot for animals. One day, as Walker headed home from his daily walk with his guide dog, Loki, he discovered something odd in his yard.

A really strange dog (as he initially thought) was casually hanging out right in front of his house. But, then, only a few moments later, that “dog” turned out to be something completely different!

If It’s Not A Dog, Then What Is It

guy with long hair and white dog
Source: Walker Jones

As a visually-impaired person struggling with usher syndrome, Walker couldn’t quite detect who was intruding on his front yard

He saw a four-legged animal that looked like a dog, so he called Blaire to tell her the news. 

“Walker was on a walk up the road and called me saying: ‘There’s a stray dog by our house. I don’t know what to do’,“ Blaire wrote in a TikTok post.

Blaire immediately looked out the window and saw a “dog” with oddly-shaped ears. Her first guess was that it was a strange-looking Pitbull. But then, she took a closer look – and was convulsed with laughter!

two goats
Source: @1997blaire

Blaire got outside to take a closer look at the dog and realized there were two little goats standing and staring right at her. The really fun part was – they looked like they had been caught red-handed.

Both Walker and Blaire couldn’t stop laughing at this strange mix-up, but they eventually got into action to find the goats’ owners.

@1997blaire This was the funniest thing ever today😂 #straydog #blindproblems #goatsoftiktok #goat🐐 ♬ original sound – 1997blaire

They first made sure to secure the goats and prevent them from escaping unsupervised. As they seemed really friendly, Blaire had no trouble taking them in her arms and then placing them in the fenced part of their yard.

After a thorough search around their neighborhood (and a little ‘goat music’ coming from their yard), their neighbors living behind them reached out, claiming the goats.

Everything turned out for the best, as these hilarious creatures were safely returned to their owners.

The Community At Its Finest

woman and two goats
Source: @1997blaire

As this wasn’t the only time these little goats escaped their yard, Blaire and Walker exchanged numbers with their owners, just in case they needed help again.

The really noble part was – the whole neighborhood got included in this “goat mission.” Now, whenever they hear strange screaming, they know exactly what to do – and which escape artists to look for!

For Walker and his family, saving animals in need is nothing but pure satisfaction. As a person who has a guide dog helping him on a daily basis, he has a special place in his heart for all animals.

family and cute white dog
Source: Blaire Effler

With his beloved companion, Loki, Walker raises awareness about the importance of guide dogs in battling usher syndrome on his TikTok account

Now, Loki, Walker, and their family spend every day together, and they can’t imagine life in their Georgia home without each other. In their journey, they stumble upon many exciting adventures, such as this little “goat incident.”

Luckily, these silent heroes always know exactly what to do to save the day – and their community couldn’t be happier to have them!