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This Man Went Shopping Only To Surprise His Partner With Something Else

This Man Went Shopping Only To Surprise His Partner With Something Else

What all canines dream of is having wonderful human parents who will make them feel adored just like they deserve. They need that love in order to be truly happy.

I feel saddened to hear that many heartless dog owners betray their loyal furry companions and abandon them like they never meant anything to them.

Hammie was one of the pups who had a family whom he trusted and loved. 

Sadly, his cruel owners hurt his feelings and let him down when they threw him out of a car and drove off.

The sweet doggo considered them his family and he didn’t understand that they didn’t want him anymore. He was running after their car and trying to catch up to them. 

Rescuing An Adorable Pup

A kind-hearted man witnessed the sad scene. He was leaving the Dollar General when he saw that the sweet doggo was chasing the car of the people who left him. The man felt heartbroken.

He quickly ran to the canine’s rescue. Although the dog was reluctant to go home with him, the man managed to convince him and he took him home.

The pup, later named Hammie, looked like he was well taken care of. 

The man and his partner took him to the vet for a checkup. Hammie didn’t have a microchip. The couple posted his photo and his story on social media, but nobody reached out to them.

Hammie Starts A New Life In His Forever Home

Hammie spent the first couple of days sleeping. 

Since nobody claimed the delightful pooch, the couple decided to give him a forever home and love him like he deserved.

The doggo was very nervous and afraid that his new parents would leave him just like his previous owners did.

“He would panic if we stepped away at all,” Hammie’s mom told GeoBeats Animals.

The adorable canine is still nervous. When he sees certain people and images, he starts barking. Hammie likes to hold onto his pillows for comfort. His family makes sure the pup avoids people who trigger his anxiety.

His canine sisters helped him relax and regain his confidence. They played with him and reminded him of how to be a dog again.

Hammie’s family adores him and they feel lucky to have him.

“I mean he is great, I don’t know how to say he’s just loving. He loves our kids, he loves the dogs,” the pup’s mom added.

Love Changed Hammie’s Life

The love that Hammie received in his new home turned him into a different dog. His family is in love with his personality and his playfulness.

“He will snatch your shoe and take off running and then just you chase him all over the house. He’s a whole different dog now. I was going to say person, but he is just a completely different dog, Hammie’s mom said.

The lovely pooch enjoys being close to his family and following them everywhere. If they’re doing chores, he is right there with them.

He lives his best life with his forever family in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has a lot of love to give and he’s a real cuddle bug. He loves snuggling with his parents, especially with his dad.

“He just loves to lay on me. I can’t go anywhere or sit anywhere. He’s coming right in my lap every time,” Hammie’s dad said.

The sweet pup often posts about his everyday activities on his Instagram. He loves napping, cuddling with his parents, and playing with his canine sisters.

Hammie feels immensely loved and cherished in his home. The wonderful Indiana boi found the happiness that he deserved all along.