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Man Was Shocked When He Saw A Motionless Dog And Went To Help Him

Man Was Shocked When He Saw A Motionless Dog And Went To Help Him

When a man named Michael was on his way home, he caught a glimpse of something that broke his heart.

A dog with the saddest look on his face was lying motionless on the street. Knowing he couldn’t just leave him, Michael ran towards him, hoping to help.

Cry For Help

motionless dog
Source: YouTube

When he approached the sad pup, he noticed that he was extremely malnourished, as his bones were showing through his skin.

Michael immediately brought him some food and water, but to his surprise, the dog refused.

This worried Michael even more, so he decided to bring some reinforcements.

A local rescue group answered his call and Eldad and his assistant, Loretta, were on their way.

scared dog with food bowl
Source: YouTube

Since they tried rescuing the same pup before with no success, they were determined to finally bring him somewhere safe.

Being full of fear, pain, and despair, the pup followed the rescuer’s every move, not being able to trust them.

While trying to gain his trust, Eldad started talking to the pup with a calm and soft voice. The pup started trusting him, allowing Loretta to put a leash over his head.

The pup, later named Antonio, was then loaded into their car and taken to the vet.

At The Vet

Antonio’s first checkup didn’t reveal much about his condition.

Since it was clear that he had gone through something traumatic, his vet decided to conduct a second, more thorough examination, hoping it would reveal something more.

man carresing dog
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After doing an X-ray, the vet was shocked, as he saw that Antonio had very severe internal bleeding.

The bleeding was a result of a powerful impact, which the vet suggested came from a car or some other traumatic event.

Since his internal organs were severely damaged, the vet had to act quickly since time was running out.

dog in a cage
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Antonio was prepared for emergency surgery, and the vets weren’t sure if he was going to make it, but they didn’t allow that to discourage them.

The surgery was long and tense, but a success!

Antonio, being so resilient, gained back his strength and recovered in no time, making him fit for adoption.

A couple, Sarah and James, heard about this determined doggo and knew that he would be the perfect addition to their family.

happy dog with tongue out
Source: YouTube

Antonio settled into his new home as soon as he walked through the door, forgetting about his dark past and embracing his bright future!

Final Word

Even with Antonio’s resilience, he would not have made it if it weren’t for the incredible efforts of Michael and the rescue team.

This goes to show just how impactful we humans can be on the lives of the animals around us. Therefore, the next time you see an animal in need, offer them a helping hand or contact a rescue team instead.