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Man Who Was Hesitant To Adopt A Pit Bull Soon Found Out It Was The Best Decision Ever

Man Who Was Hesitant To Adopt A Pit Bull Soon Found Out It Was The Best Decision Ever

When a man named Frank, who works at the police department as a dispatcher, got a text from his colleagues informing him that they found a dog tied to a return cart, he was heartbroken.

His colleagues knew that he had been looking for a dog to adopt, so they believed that this would be the perfect opportunity for him to do just that.

However, when he heard it was a Pit Bull, he wasn’t too sure.

A Rescue

The pup’s previous owner went into a local pet store wanting to drop him off, but since they informed him that they weren’t a pound, the owner decided to tie him to a cart and abandon him.

When the employees finished their work, they found the loyal pup still waiting outside for his owner to return.

Frank’s colleagues took the pup to a veterinary hospital and he followed shortly after.

“I waited a couple of minutes then all of a sudden I heard a bang and he’s dragging this little vet tech behind him. And as he’s getting closer, I’m thinking to myself ‘Oh, I don’t know if this is a good idea’. But as soon as he got to my feet, he laid on his back and gave me his belly and that was it,” Frank told GeoBeats.

Best Friends

The pup, now named Sinatra, is Frank’s first dog ever. At first, they went through a lot of trials and tribulations together, but eventually, they figured each other out.

For the next 11 years, Frank and Sinatra became inseparable.

“Once it happened, he was my right-hand man. I knew that at the end of the day, I would come home to him. He’d be happy to see me,” added Frank.

Sinatra would constantly walk around with one ear up and the other one down. When he was still a young pup, his right ear used to be up, but as he got older, the ears switched, and now it is the left one.

Unfortunately, Sinatra started experiencing some health issues. At first, the symptoms were mild, but in a matter of two weeks, Sinatra completely stopped eating, resulting in him losing 12 pounds.

I think I was in denial hoping that something would work and get him back to health but he never did,” he said.

Unfortunate News

Unfortunately, Sinatra’s condition did not improve and Frank had to say goodbye to him four days after his 13th birthday.

I would have done anything for that dog and I did try. I knew even though I couldn’t tell him, I knew he felt what he meant to me,” added Frank. 

Frank had a very difficult time accepting Sinatra’s passing. But, then he remembered that just a couple of days after Sinatra left, it had been raining heavily, with the occasional peaking of the sun.

Frank and Sinatra went outside and saw a double rainbow. Sinatra faced the rainbow as if he wanted to tell his loving dad that he would soon be crossing it, going to a better place.

Final Word

Losing your pet can truly be one of the hardest things a pet parent can go through.

However, it is important to remember all of the incredible memories you and your pet created – all of the cuddles and playdates you had for those moments meant the world to them.

Frank, thank you for giving Sinatra a chance and finally providing him with the life he deserved.