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Man Was Just Enjoying His Morning Run When He Ran Into 9 Friendly Stray Puppies

Man Was Just Enjoying His Morning Run When He Ran Into 9 Friendly Stray Puppies

Out of all the dog adoptions that happen in the world, most of them are done through shelters or some smaller rescue organizations.

But, the question arises: how many of us have heard about the ‘distribution system’? Well, basically, it’s when a dog or a cat approaches you and politely asks to be adopted.

For me personally, it only happened once with one of our cats, but never with dogs. However, it also happens pretty often in the rest of the world.

In Antonio’s case, he was just minding his own business when he noticed puppies waiting for him on the roadside.

Noticed By The Distribution System

stray puppies on the sidewalk
Source: TikTok

Shortly after the sweet puppies noticed Antonio moving toward him, they all immediately started running in his direction.

The man was surprised to see there were nine of them in total. All of them were very friendly and immediately greeted him.

The dog distribution system had chosen him and he was now responsible for taking care of them, at least until he could find them all a home.

However, there was one tiny problem. He had no way of getting them all to safety since his car was at home.

So, Antonio called his friend and she arrived with her own vehicle to the place where they all were. 

puppies jumping on man's legs
Source: TikTok

Both of them took the puppies and carefully placed them in the car. Then, Antonio’s friend drove him home, and they placed the puppies in the yard. 

The goal was to foster them just for a short period of time until Antonio and his friend could find them a forever home. 

They determined that there were two boys and seven girls. They were only a few weeks old, and their breed was Belgian Malinois.

They were very playful from the very moment they were taken in the house, and Antonio was surprised to see just how friendly they were.

They Have All Found Their New Homes

puppies with a blanket
Source: TikTok

Antonio posted the video of the entire event and reached out to people to see if he could help them all. 

And, just like that, he was able to find a suitable home for all of them in a very short period of time.

Their new owners updated Antonio on their health. While they had fleas and worms, they were mostly healthy puppies.

puppy playing
Source: TikTok

After posting the video on the internet, it received over 18.7 million views, 3.1 million likes, and several thousand comments.

Among the most interesting comments, one person said: “WAIT!!!! There’s a PUPPY distribution system also??”

Well, if this doesn’t confirm that fact, I honestly don’t know what does. Another person commented: “WHY DOES THIS NEVER HAPPEN TO ME?

Honestly, I wish we were all so lucky, but who knows? It might happen to any one of us at some point in our lives.

stray puppies
Source: TikTok

And lastly, somebody shared their personal experience by saying: “Me and my husband found 15 dogs at his work from 2 separate litters. We rehomed all but 3 to keep them out of shelters. The other 3 are on my couch.

Honestly, it’s wonderful to see that there are people out there like this who will take every opportunity they have to help a puppy in need.

It never takes much – all they want is a warm home and a loving family, and we all have the power to help them find it.


Idk who could have it in them to do something like this but I found 9 of them on my run. I took them all home #puppy #puppies #animalrescue

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