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Man Was Clearing Out Trash In An Abandoned House When He Suddenly Saw Something That Shocked Him

Man Was Clearing Out Trash In An Abandoned House When He Suddenly Saw Something That Shocked Him

When a garbage man was working in an abandoned house and clearing out the trash, he thought that it was going to be just another day at work.

However, from the corner of his eye, the worker noticed something moving in the corner of the house.

Before, he thought it was just a white trash bag, but when he realized that it was actually moving, he knew it had to be a frightened animal seeking shelter.

Upon further investigation, it turned out that the animal was a curled-up anxious pup.

Help Is Here

abandoned dog in old house
Source: Youtube

The man didn’t know if the pup was shivering out of fear or if she was just cold because her whole body was wet. But, in the end, it didn’t even matter.

He knew that she was exhausted, hungry, and completely unable to move on her own.

The worker contacted the local shelter and informed them of the situation. While waiting for them to arrive, he looked into the pup’s hopeful eyes and tried to comfort her as much as possible.

dog in abandoned house
Source: Youtube

It took the shelter staff a whole hour to arrive at the location and, on their way, they decided to stop at a supermarket and get this starving pup a yummy meal to fill up her tummy.

The staff approached the pup very slowly and carefully, as they did not want to startle her. However, when they offered her the food, she was hesitant to take it, even though she was hungry.

It seemed as though she did not trust all these strangers and was looking around, trying to figure out what was happening.

dirty dog
Source: Youtube

The rescue staff tried to talk to her in a calm and gentle voice, hoping that this would help them gain her trust, but the pup was simply too afraid.

They decided to take a different approach, which included leaving the food in front of the dog and leaving the room, thinking that it would help her relax.

It worked!

As soon as she saw them exit the room, the pup immediately rushed toward the food and ate every last bit of it.

dog sniffing garbage
Source: Youtube

After she finished, the rescuers entered the room again, hoping that this time, the pup would eat from their hand, but they still didn’t gain her trust.

She continued to turn away from them, trying to make herself as small as possible.

dog at new home
Source: Youtube

But, the rescuers did not give up!

After a while, the pup finally lowered her guard and allowed the hoomans to pick her up and take her to the car.

New Chapter In Life

The rescue staff immediately took the pup to the nearest vet hospital so that she could receive a thorough checkup.

The doctor discovered that she had two smaller wounds on the side of both of her legs. Luckily, they were not deep and will go away in no time with some ointment,  

The pup then received a much-needed bath and a little haircut, making her look completely unrecognizable.  

smiling woman holding dog in arms
Source: Youtube

The pup was able to check out of the hospital the same day and go home with her rescuers who decided to take her in.

Again, she was a bit hesitant when she arrived since everything was so new to her. She kept on hiding in corners and refusing to eat.

Luckily, thanks to her determined rescuers, the pup started coming out of her shell and understanding that there was nothing to be afraid of.

In no time, she started running around and playing with other furry friends, living the best life ever!

happy dogs at home
Source: Youtube

Going from an anxious pup to one who constantly has zoomies wasn’t easy. But, thanks to the incredible hoomans who did not give up on her, this pup is finally able to be happy!