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Man Walking His Dog Was Surprised When He Came Across A Very Unusual ‘Pet’

Man Walking His Dog Was Surprised When He Came Across A Very Unusual ‘Pet’

In all the time I have read and researched all sorts of dog stories, I have never encountered quite an unusual one such as this.

This one is about a man, who had a very unusual dream and wanted to make his own impact in the most unique way possible.

In this one we will talk about how he used his extraordinary skills to put on a very fun show for the people but animals as well.

It Was Not An Easy Feat

Lukasz Puczko was very experienced in puppeteering and had been working on his skills for over 15 years. At some point, he decided to make a very special marionette. 

It was a dog puppet, which he called Burek. While it may seem like an easy task, he had spent a long time working on it so that it would look good. 

He used wood, strings, and artificial fur so that it would look believable. Aside from designing a model, he also decided to do some studying.

Puczko told The Dodo: “During the build, I was observing dogs for their behavior to find out what movement would be needed in a puppet. I was learning from mistakes. Burek, for me, represents my determination.

He left his school and decided to perform on the street for other people and dogs as well. He would get a lot of attention from both.

People were sincerely interested in his show, as it looked incredibly real. He would go to other countries to perform as well and he was always met with a positive reaction.

As for other dogs, most of them showed interest and could not distinguish Burek from one of them. It was a real achievement.

A Dog’s Reaction To Puppet

real dog and toy dog
Source: Facebook

On one eventful day, he would perform in the park, and a man who was walking his dog noticed his performance, so he went to check it out.

His dog immediately took notice of Burek and went to introduce himself. He was really excited but a bit hesitant to get close. It was really hilarious seeing them interact.

However, this was not all that Puczko did. He said: “I started to meet kids and adults who were afraid of dogs, and I would work with them.

This, of course, is a very real fear for some people, which is usually caused by some kind of traumatic experience with dogs.

He continues by saying: “They knew Burek was a puppet, but the movement was too real. But because I’m deciding what the puppet will do, I could slowly get them used to dogs.

With this way of helping, a lot of people eventually get over their fears, and he was so happy that he could help these people change their attitude towards dogs.

He is really an amazing person for doing this, and it’s apparent that he loves dogs. And, in case anyone was wondering, he does have a dog of his own.

In the end, he said: “I love animals. For four years now, I’ve had an amazing rescue dog named Miya. She loves to play with Burek and treats him like a toy.

It’s really amazing to see how this amazing puppeteering performance can brighten someone’s day and even help people overcome their fear of dogs.