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Starving Stray Pittie Was Seconds Away From The Rescue, Then Something Unexpected Happened

Starving Stray Pittie Was Seconds Away From The Rescue, Then Something Unexpected Happened

Being a rescuer and conducting rescue missions is a very nerve-wracking job that requires a lot of patience, and even creativity.

A lot of animals have trust issues and aren’t aware that rescuers are actually trying to help them. Because of this, the animals put themselves in a very defensive mode, trying to protect themselves from what they believe is harm.

The rescuer then has a task to figure out the best way possible in order to capture the animal without bringing any harm to any party involved.

Such a rescue happened in Kern County, California, when a pup simply refused to be rescued.

Rescue Mission

big dog laying on the ground
Source: The Dodo

When a rescuer by the name of Danny, from Safefurr Place Animal Rescue, a non-profit rescue organization based in Kern County, California, met a very malnourished stray pittie in need of help, he immediately made his way to him.

The pup, named Weston, was very sweet, calm, and gentle. As soon as he saw that Danny had treats, the hungry pup made his way over to him, as if he had known him his entire life.

dog sniffing guys hand
Source: The Dodo

“He did everything you would want a stray dog to do. He was me, he saw I had treats, he came right up to me. He was eating out of my hand. I was able to pet him. I am thinking ‘Oh, man. He is going to be a piece of cake!’” Danny told The Dodo.

However, Danny would soon realize that this wouldn’t be as easy of a rescue as he had thought. As soon as Weston saw a leash, he immediately got frightened, forcing him to run away.

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Source: The Dodo

But, Danny wasn’t about to give up that easily. He tried again the very next day with a different strategy.

“I was thinking, ‘If I just cover his eyes for a few seconds at a time that could give me the chance to put the leash around his neck without him seeing. It took a little bit of time, but eventually, he was just where he needed to be,” said Danny.

As he slid the leash around his neck, Danny felt relieved. But then, things took a very unfortunate turn.

owner sitting on the grass and playing with dog
Source: The Dodo

Weston got really startled and started pulling on the leash in an attempt to break free. After some tugging, the leash got out of Danny’s hand and Weston ran away.

“I was devastated. I was really, really worried,” he added.

Even when Danny managed to find him again, Weston simply didn’t trust him anymore. Danny had to call for reinforcements.

When a woman by the name of Sheila arrived and approached the scared pup, Weston gave in right away, allowing the rescuers to keep him contained.

woman and dog sitting on the ground
Source: The Dodo

As Danny learned from his mistakes, this time, he brought in a crate and carefully tapped the pup on his back, letting him know that it was okay to hop in.

Weston was finally safe.

New Life

Even when Weston arrived at the shelter, he was still terrified of the leash, and would get very defensive whenever he saw it.  

That is why Sheila and the staff decided to take it very slowly. Whenever they would take him out for a walk, they would put the leash over his head, but let him have all of the control and lead the way.

owner walking dog
Source: The Dodo

The staff also decided to take another dog, Ginger, for a walk alongside Weston, hoping that he would look at her and see that everything was okay.

After some time, Weston finally understood that the leash wasn’t bad at all, and he would even get supper excited whenever he would see it, knowing that it was time for a walk.

As soon as he conquered the leash, Weston completely came out of his shell, and even started doing zoomies any chance he got.

old dog playing with its toy
Source: The Dodo

“It was at that moment when I knew that he was going to be OK,” said Sheila.

He was so much more than just okay. In no time, this once frightened pup was able to find a family who would love and adore him, just like he deserved all along.

Forever Home

„We got his early December, he definitely made our holiday way more adventurous and fun. Weston, now Westly, did not have a lot of self-confidence when we first got him and so, we worked really hard to create that bond,“ said Michaela, Westly’s new mom.

Apart from having a loving family, Westly also has a furry sibling named Izzy, with whom he clicked instantly.

dog with Christmas clothes on
Source: The Dodo

Westly is finally living a life that he deserves, full of fun playdates, long walks, and love. He no longer has to fight for scraps in order to survive, as he has a loving mom who tends to his every need.

Good boy, Westly!