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Man Took His Dog To The Vet Because He Was Limping Only To Be Surprised By The Results

Man Took His Dog To The Vet Because He Was Limping Only To Be Surprised By The Results

If there is one thing that dogs are known for the most, it’s their empathy for humans and other animals.

They will always be there for us even in our darkest moments. It’s what makes them our best friends, and this is something that is important to remember.

However, it’s worth noting that sometimes, dogs can be a bit mischievous and unintentionally cause some problems even when they don’t mean it.

For this sweet Golden Retriever, the problem was really strange. While it was unintentional, he may have caused his owner some small problems.

Louie’s Act

adorable brown dog sitting outside
Source: @fredbini

When Louie’s owner noticed that his dog had been limping for a few days straight, he immediately thought that he had hurt himself somehow.

While he was not clear on how this had happened, he didn’t care. He only wanted to help him, so the first thought was to take him to a veterinarian clinic in North Carolina.

After he received a full checkup, including an X-ray, the vets gave Louie’s owner the shocking results.

Nothing was wrong with him. He did not have any broken bones or anything like that. Louie just preferred to walk like he had a limp.

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Source: @fredbini

Now, while this would be a sigh of relief for most people, there was one more issue that needed to be addressed.

The owner had to pay $350 for this checkup, even though nothing was wrong with him. He decided to call him: Louie the Actor.

It was a fitting title. The man from North Carolina would post the video of him limping on TikTok, along with the explanation as to what happened, and the reactions were interesting.

Internet’s Reaction

limping dog
Source: @fredbini

Most people found the entire thing hysterical and were surprised that a dog would do something like this out of nowhere.

The video received over 1.8 million views, 28,000 likes, and hundreds of comments from different people. Most reactions were positive.

One commenter said: “He couldn’t keep the limp leg straight!!l he kept changing it!!

I honestly didn’t notice this at first, but it became apparent on rewatching the entire video. This is just hilarious.

adorable brown dog sitting in the house
Source: @fredbini

Another person commented: “$350 dollars later only to find out that he has good acting skills.”

While it would be normal for a lot of people to get upset over the bill, Louie’s owner found the entire thing funny and only wanted to share it with people.

Lastly, one person said: “My dog used to do that and then one day we caught her switching to a normal walk as she went into the other room like it was The Usual Suspects.

It’s really interesting to see that there are other people who had similar situations like this, even though it might seem like this happens very rarely. 

In the end, I think it’s safe to say that the whole thing was quite hilarious, and Louie is really a tremendous actor who should probably pursue it as a career. He’s quite good at it already.

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