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Man Spots Fearful Abandoned Dog Near Busy Street And Makes Life-Saving Decision

Man Spots Fearful Abandoned Dog Near Busy Street And Makes Life-Saving Decision

It takes just a little bit of effort and love to change a dog’s life. 

When Rayce saw Daisy for the first time, she was near the point of being a lost cause. Trembling in fear, confused, and extremely emaciated, this lovely girl spent days in uncertainty. 

On top of all that, she was literally inches away from being hurt by passing cars. But then, everything changed!

The Most Noble Act

two dogs on a lawn
Source: Rayce Lamb

Rayce Lamb spotted Daisy next to a busy road in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She was laying there with another dog, being completely cut off from basic humane conditions.

“I actually ran across Daisy on the side of the road here in Winston-Salem. Her and another dog were just kind of laying there,” Rayce told GeoBeats Animals.

The worst part was Daisy and her buddy (later named Rascal) were only inches away from danger.

“The road itself was a very busy road. If you could visit the place where we found her, you would wonder how she managed to stay alive,” said Rayce.

He and his partner immediately loaded the dogs into their car and drove home.

guy holding a black dog
Source: @raycelamb

Thanks to the giant-hearted team of AARF – Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who immediately agreed to help, Rayce was able to take the dogs in for fostering.

During the first couple of days, Daisy was extremely shy and trembled from fear whenever Rayce would touch her. She coped with some past trauma, but her story was still quite vague. 

A person reached out to Rayce, saying that the dogs had been dumped two weeks prior to their rescue. That explained Daisy’s skinny body and the fact that she was extremely emaciated.

black dog laying down
Source: Rayce Lamb

Just a few days later, Rascal had his incredible makeover and found a home promptly. But, Daisy had to wait a little longer.

With every new day, she was getting better until she finally came out of her shell – and became the sweetest dog ever! Underneath Daisy’s exterior was a gentle cuddle bug who enjoyed every second around her hoomans. 

She absolutely loved spending time with Rayce, but the problem was, she wasn’t into other dogs or cats. That resulted in several adoption fails, but Daisy never stopped hoping.

Happy Outcome After Five Months

cute black dog
Source: Rayce Lamb

With her hopes high, Daisy had her last adoption fail because of her incompatibility with cats. 

But then, after five months of constant care by her foster dad – it finally happened!

“After 5 months – our Daisy has found her furever home and is getting adopted today! Yes, I’m a mess, but so happy for this sweet girl,” Rayce wrote on Instagram.

dog laying on a rug
Source: @raycelamb

She found the pawfect family and was ready to embark upon a new life journey. 

Prior to their final goodbye, Rayce made sure to supply Daisy with one last basket of delicious food. And sure enough, the two played fetch before going to the AARF facility to meet Daisy’s new dad.

It was a bittersweet moment for both, but knowing that Daisy was finally stepping into a loving forever home was priceless. And, her foster dad was extremely grateful for that!

two guys and dog
Source: @raycelamb

Daisy, now Devereaux, fit perfectly into her new family.

Once an abandoned dog with an uncertain future, she’s now the happiest dog that has a whole group of people loving her. And, most importantly, she never, ever has to worry about being alone anymore!

From now on, it’s just about endless adventures and cuddles!