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A Man Rescues A Hopeless Little Puppy Who Ended Up Trapped In A Storm Drain

A Man Rescues A Hopeless Little Puppy Who Ended Up Trapped In A Storm Drain

When Michael Vargas, a graphic designer, and his friends went on an exploration adventure, they never expected to save a precious life.

The group was exploring a canal near Vargas’ home in Oakland, California. After they noticed the beautiful graffiti on the walls, they stopped for a break. 

While taking photos of the graffiti, Vargas was shocked when his girlfriend said she saw a dog.

The Treasure They Never Expected To Find

He was in disbelief until he had seen him with his own eyes.

“I thought, ‘A dog?’ I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. In this little side drain area, there was this little white dog. He was trapped,” Vargas told The Dodo.

The moment he laid eyes on the little dog, his heart sank. He knew that he would do everything he could to rescue him.

The dog was afraid of them at first, and he didn’t let them come near. Vargas and his friends were resolved to win his trust, and after about an hour, the dog started trusting them. 

He seemed to have realized that they were trying to help him. The pooch finally let his rescuers approach him and capture him.

Vargas didn’t know how the little guy got trapped at the corner of the storm drain, which was very hard to reach. He was convinced that he wouldn’t have made it if he had stayed there for much longer.

From that day on, Vargas became his protector and his best friend.

Taking The Little Pooch To The Vet

He and his companions took the little pooch to the vet. After he underwent a medical checkup, the vet informed them that the doggo had some health issues. Vargas happily covered the cost of the pup’s treatment.

The little guy was estimated to be around three months old.

Vargas felt saddened after the vet told him that he assumed that the dog had been abused.

Vargas still hoped that the delightful pooch had a loving family who was looking for him. The vet scanned the pup, but he couldn’t find a microchip.

The Puppy Is Over The Moon

The puppy’s rescuer took him home to Oakland and gave him a bath. The pooch soon relaxed and started playing in Vargas’ home.

Vargas continued looking for the puppy’s owners. He asked his neighbors if anyone had lost a puppy, and searched online for lost pets, but found nothing.

Since nobody was looking for the dog, and the shelters were already full, he decided to give him a forever home. He named him Rusty

Vargas and his family wanted to shower him with love and give him the best life possible.

“After everything, we decided to love him. He’s ours. He’s bonded to me. I don’t know what his past was, but I’m trying to make his future better. I’ve been doing this for 12 years, and this is the craziest adventure I’ve had so far. I’ve never once saved a life. To get his love in return is just so rewarding,” Vargas said.

Rusty was over the moon because he finally had the family he had always wanted. His beautiful eyes radiated with hope and love because he knew that he was safe and adored.