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Man Noticed A Mysterious Animal Was Resting Near His Fence So He Went To Check It Out

Man Noticed A Mysterious Animal Was Resting Near His Fence So He Went To Check It Out

When a local resident of Long Island let his dogs outside to play in the yard, he could never have imagined the shock that he was about to witness.

The homeowner was looking at his pups as they were happily running in the yard when he suddenly noticed a strange lump near his fence. He called his canines back to the house and he headed towards the fence.

As soon as he laid his eyes on the mystery lump, he was left shocked to find himself face to face with the little visitor he never expected to see in daylight. The little mysterious animal turned out to be a baby owl, which huddled in his yard.

It was clear that he needed help.

The Little Baby Is Safe

The homeowner immediately reached out to Strong Island Animal Rescue League.

Frankie Floridia, the wildlife handler, rushed to the scene to rescue the owl. When he arrived at the family home in Long Island, New York, the homeowner was still in shock. He marveled at the beauty of the impressive creature.

“He’d never seen an owl down like that. So he was nervous,” the handler told The Dodo.  

Floridia put on a pair of gloves and he made his way towards the fence. 

Since owls live in trees and they are most active at night, this was the perfect opportunity for Floridia to admire the owl’s beauty. He couldn’t stop looking at its beautiful feathers and mysterious yellow eyes.

“He’s a majestic creature. He’s beautiful. It’s such a rare creature to see,” Floridia said.

He gently took the baby owl in his hands and he was glad that the owl didn’t protest at all. While Floridia carried her to the cage, he kept telling him that he was now safe. 

The majestic animal seemed relieved to be rescued. He was taken to Sweetbriar Nature Center, located in Long Island, New York.

At The Nature Center

As soon as they arrived at the nature center, the baby owl received a medical checkup. 

The rescue staff was happy to find out that the owl didn’t have any injuries. It was clear that the baby missed his family since he got separated from them too soon.

Since the baby was hungry, the staff fed him and reassured him that everything would be fine. The baby owl happily munched all the treats they gave him.

Thanks to the love and exceptional care of the wonderful staff, the owl started recovering and flying around the nature center.

Although his day excursion didn’t go exactly as he had planned, we hope that the baby owl enjoyed the kindness and care he received from the humans.

After he made a complete recovery, the staff released the wonderful owl back into the wild where he belongs. The lovely baby happily spread out his wings and flew away.