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Man Noticed A Pregnant Dog Lying In The Grass Near A Highway And Immediately Stopped To Help

Man Noticed A Pregnant Dog Lying In The Grass Near A Highway And Immediately Stopped To Help

Dogs should be cherished like the treasure that they truly are. These lovely creatures deserve to wake up every single morning smiling and wagging their tails in a loving home.

My heart sinks whenever I think about the canines who had heartless owners who failed them and dumped them like they were never a part of their family.

Martha, a lovely pregnant doggo, felt betrayed after her family abandoned her and left her on the side of a highway. 

The canine feared for the health of her children, which would soon come into the world. 

She kept looking at the passing cars with hopeful eyes.

All she needed was a kind human who would extend her a helping hand and show her that it was still possible to turn her life around.

After seeing that nobody would help her, the pup’s beautiful eyes became dimmed with sorrow. The soon-to-be-mother began giving up hope.

Coming To Her Rescue

pregnant dog next to a road
Source: Facebook

While the pup was lying on the side of the highway curled up in a ball and frozen with fear, an experienced rescuer took notice of her.

Terribly worried that the dog was injured, the man got out of his car and rushed to check up on her.

The moment the doggo saw him approaching, she greeted him with her wagging tail, but she directed her sad gaze toward the ground.

The kind man was glad to see that the pup was unharmed. 

The rescuer stroked the abandoned pooch, and held her face in his hands, promising her that her life would soon change.

The doggo, later named Martha, soaked up his cuddles, lifted her head, and looked at her hero.

sweet pregnant dog
Source: Facebook

Martha felt relieved because someone finally came to her rescue.

When the kind man picked her up, he noticed that the canine was pregnant. While he was carrying her in his arms, the rescuer felt happy because he found Martha before she gave birth.

He gently placed her in the front seat of his car and drove her to the vet.

During their car ride, Martha’s face lit up. The adorable dog had a big smile on her face, and she looked at her rescuer with eyes radiating with happiness.

She started believing that better things were waiting for her.

happy black dog in a car
Source: Facebook

After they arrived at the clinic, the vet took an ultrasound of Martha’s belly.

The rescuer felt a sense of relief after he found out that Martha and her babies were alright.

He assumed that the lovely pup had owners who betrayed her. Just to imagine that Martha was cruelly kicked out of her home because she was pregnant filled the rescuer’s heart with sorrow.

The giant-hearted human was determined to help the pooch find a family who deserved her.

The Pup Welcomes Her Babies To The World

guy petting pregnant dog
Source: Facebook

Martha’s hero brought the pooch home and took care of her. The soon-to-be mother relished spending time with her rescuer. Her face was glowing. 

She was appreciative of the love and kindness that the wonderful man showed her. 

Fifteen days following her rescue, Martha gave birth to her babies. She covered them with endless kisses, welcoming them into the world.

dog gave birth
Source: Facebook

The tiny fur babies soaked up their mother’s love.

Martha was happy because she could care for her babies in a safe and loving home.

Later on, the adorable doggo moved in with a wonderful foster family who doted on her and gave her a lot of love.

Family and black dog
Source: Facebook

Although it’s not known whether Martha and the puppies found their permanent homes, we’re certain that such a loving canine family must have stolen the hearts of their forever parents.

The resilient mother dog and her babies deserve all the happiness in this world.

Many thanks to the kind rescuer who came to Martha’s aid and filled her heart with hope for a better tomorrow.