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Man Mistakenly Got Into A Strangers Car And Drove Off Only To Notice Adorable Eyes Staring Right At Him 

Man Mistakenly Got Into A Strangers Car And Drove Off Only To Notice Adorable Eyes Staring Right At Him 

If you live in a big, busy city, you know that as soon as you step outside, you are met with  thousands of cars. And, let’s be honest, most of them, if not the same, look exactly the same.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely tried to get into another car, mistakenly thinking it was mine.

Luckily, those cars were locked, but the hooman of today’s story didn’t have that kind of luck.

That’s Not Your Car, Vincent

After getting himself a delicious pizza, Vincent Zepeda headed to the parking lot where he parked in order to get home.

He approached his car, opened the door, and drove off.

While heading home, however, Zepeda heard some strange noises coming from the back seat.

Turning around to investigate, his eyes met the most adorable pup ever, patiently sitting in his spot, trying to figure out what was going on.

Zepeda immediately knew that this wasn’t his car!

He quickly turned around and headed back to the parking lot to return this car and get into his own.

“This is why you should not leave your keyfob in your car. I got in with my pizza … and I got the s­­­— scared out of me by this dog. That’s not my dog or my car,” Zepeda said in a video.

As soon as he got back to the parking lot, he saw his car parked right next to the car he mistakenly took as his own.

After safely parking the car, shocked Zepeda got into his own car and drove off.

Meet The Pup

Zepeda decided to post his video online, hoping that others would see it and remember not to leave their keys inside of their cars.

Not too long after, his video went viral, and it even reached Cynthie, the owner of the car that Zepeda thought was his.

Cynthie contacted Zepeda, wanting to formally introduce him to her pup, Fletcher.

“A friend reached out to let me know that she knows who the other car is,” Zepeda said in a follow-up clip.

Fletcher greeted his new friend in the best way a pup can – by wagging his tail.

After spending some time with the adorable pup, Zepeda knew that getting inside of a stranger’s car and driving off wasn’t as bad as it sounds.

“He just wanted your pizza,” Cynthie joked.