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Man Heard A Loud Noise In The Forest And Was Surprised By What He Discovered

Man Heard A Loud Noise In The Forest And Was Surprised By What He Discovered

One common spot where people abandon unwanted puppies is usually some kind of a forest or a jungle depending on the area.

The reason for this is that their previous owners generally leave them in a place where it is very likely that they won’t make it on their own.

This is tragic, but more often than not, somebody finds these poor babies and offers help. 

In this story, we will talk about a man who was just walking through a jungle until he heard a loud scream coming from somewhere.

Loud Scream For Help

During one of his drives through a local forest, an animal rescuer, Niall Harbison, was surprised to hear loud and strange noises coming from somewhere nearby.

He said in an Instagram post: By pure chance, I came around the corner on my usual route and heard an ear piercing scream.

When he got closer with his moped, he saw a small white puppy just standing there asking for help.

Who knows how long the poor baby was stuck there. She must have been begging for help for a long time.

Harbison got closer to see if he could help her. Even though it was clear that she wanted his aid, she was very careful around humans.

He told The Dodo: I could feel her shaking and her little heart racing at a million beats a second.

The puppy was screaming the whole time until one moment, she just stopped. When she realized that Harbison was there to help, the little puppy finally relaxed completely.

A Sweet Dog Family

Just as he helped this sweet baby, he noticed some movements in the grass nearby. He went to have a look and it was a big surprise.

The puppy’s little sisters were also there. After they saw how safe their brother felt with their rescuer, they also eased up quickly.

He took them to his dog shelter and gave them some food and milk, as they were visibly starving.

Harbison said: They were shaking with the cold and still very nervous for a few hours. They then got back to being puppies and causing mayhem by playing with each other, eating and drinking and sleeping, and generally being cute!

He named them Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney. The sweet puppies stayed in his care until they were fully recovered and ready to find their forever home.

It wasn’t long before a woman saw their story and decided to adopt all three of them together. 

This was just absolutely amazing, as the whole family gets to stick together and the siblings don’t have to separate.