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Man Heard Barking From The Narrow Passage But He Soon Realized It Wasn’t A Dog At All

Man Heard Barking From The Narrow Passage But He Soon Realized It Wasn’t A Dog At All

It is not uncommon for both rescue services and ordinary people to find a dog or cat stuck somewhere in need of help. The scene of a cat stuck on a tree that is being rescued by brave firefighters is so popularized that even the fire departments use it for promotion. 

This time, it was a bit different, even though it didn’t seem like that at first. One passerby was convinced it was a dog in trouble when he heard barking from a narrow passage between two buildings. Without much thought, he ran towards the place to help him. 

However, when he saw which animal it was, he was left in shock.

Solving The Mystery

When this man came to his senses, he realized that the animal stuck there was actually a deer. Nothing was clear to him, and he didn’t want to do anything on his own, so he called fire and rescue service for help.

The firefighters were also very confused, but of course, they accepted his call and quickly arrived at the place. When they took a closer look at the animal, one of the firefighters started laughing as he realized what it was. 

The animal that was stuck between the two buildings was indeed a deer, but the species is called Muntjac, also known as a barking deer. As the name suggests, this type of deer vocalizes similarly to a dog when it is in danger, which clearly explains this specific situation.

Although the firefighters managed to solve the mystery, they did not dare to rescue this deer on their own, so they called the RSPCA for help. 

Back Where He Belongs

deer stuck between walls
Source: RSPCA

People from the RSPCA quickly arrived at the place, but they immediately saw that it would not be an easy rescue mission at all.

“This was a tricky rescue because the deer was trapped so tightly, and to complicate matters was also upside down — it must have been terrifying for him,” animal rescue officer Karen Nix said in a press release.

Luckily, she and her colleague, Inspector Laura Jones, brought all the necessary equipment, as well as the knowledge and experience to finish this task successfully. 

While the two watched over and gave them instructions, the firefighters, using ropes and poles, gently pulled the deer thorugh the gap and eventually managed to save him. Apart from the fact that the rescue operation was successful, the deer himself appeared to be fine. 

That’s why they immediately let him go where he belongs.

Muntjac deer in nature

“It was such a relief to watch him run free into the undergrowth,” Nix said.

As he rushed towards his home, the deer didn’t bark anymore, which was a sign that he was no longer in danger and that some happier days were ahead of him.