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Man Couldn’t Bear The Trauma Of Losing His Dog But Then He Met The Most Perfect Pup

Man Couldn’t Bear The Trauma Of Losing His Dog But Then He Met The Most Perfect Pup

I just thought about something recently. Losing a dog can be a truly traumatic experience for anyone who is going through it.

It’s something we all have to go through when we decide to adopt one. It doesn’t matter how much you think you have prepared for the inevitable, it’ll always hurt so much.

This has led to some people usually adopting a pup only once and struggling to do it again. In Laurence’s case, he had gone through the same thing.

He wasn’t sure if he would ever adopt a dog again, but then he met a dog who was so special that he just knew it was meant to be.

Meet Arthur

When Laurence first decided to adopt again, he went to his local shelter in Illinois and noticed something strange.

There were all these dogs who had been barking the whole time, and then there was Arthur, who just stood there and watched the entire situation.

It was at this very moment that Laurence understood that this was the right dog for him. He was clearly very different from everyone there, and that was a good thing.

However, just as Arthur was first taken into his forever home, Laurence had an interesting thought. 

He told Cuddle Buddies: I personally had never raised a puppy and all of this… it was a bit of a roller coaster really.

Arthur was naturally a very playful puppy, which meant that he enjoyed running and exploring the beauties of Illinois.

Every time they would play, Laurence would laugh so much because Arthur was just so hilarious.

Sometimes, he would throw a frisbee for him to catch and Arthur would just ignore it and pretend like it didn’t happen.

Their Amazing Friendship

One thing he noticed was that Arthur really liked nipping other people, which must have been his way of playing around or showing affection.

On one particular day, Laurence had caught him in the living room making a huge mess. He had destroyed a cushion entirely.

Even though the two of them had completely different energy, they developed a beautiful friendship in no time.

Laurence said: “There’s the saying, of course, that a person’s best friend is their dog and I didn’t realize why that was the case until now.

The two friends are just so adorable to see. They spend almost all of their time together even when Laurence is doing the most basic tasks.

At one point, he even noted that Arthur followed him as he was taking out the trash, which is just so sweet.

It’s always a huge pleasure to see other people who have adopted dogs and realize just how much they bring into our lives.

They are truly our best companions, and nothing will ever change that. Laurence ends by saying: “This is a relationship that I think I’ve been looking for my whole life and didn’t know it.