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Man Goes To Shelter To Adopt One Pit Bull, Ends Up Falling In Love With Two

Man Goes To Shelter To Adopt One Pit Bull, Ends Up Falling In Love With Two

They say that difficult roads often lead to the most beautiful destinations, and in Wiley’s case, that couldn’t be truer!

This sweet, 6-year-old Pit Bull spent 105 days at a local Californian care center, desperately waiting for the day he could finally go out and roam freely in someone’s yard. But, when Jon entered the front door of his permanent shelter – everything was about to change!

Jon initially came with the intention of adopting Smokey, another Pittie, but once he saw Wiley sitting in the corner of his kennel – he just couldn’t help but bring both of these bois home!

Rescued After More Than 100 Days At The Shelter

After Jon Mancinetti and his new rescue, Smokey, went home, this giant-hearted dog enthusiast couldn’t stop thinking about Wiley; the dog he saw earlier that day

Wiley was an overlooked Pittie at Carson Animal Care Center, from California, who waited for his furever home for too long. 

He spent more than three months waiting for that special someone, but as it turned out – nobody was interested in adopting him, even though he was an amazing dog.

“He loves toys. He gives big slobbery kisses and is a wonderful addition to an active family with older kids (due to his size and strength). Wiley is an outstanding pet for anyone living in a private home with a yard,” the CACC team wrote on Facebook.

Then, Jon had an epiphany! After a few sleepless nights thinking about the dog he left that day at the shelter, he rushed back with one goal and one goal only! 

He came back for Wiley, and the dog couldn’t have been happier! He immediately melted in his rescuer’s arms, giving him warm kisses all the way home. 

Jon’s idea was to foster Wiley until he found a suitable family, but the road to the perfect home wasn’t an easy one…

Learning How To Be A Dog Again

Turns out, all Wiley needed after endless nights in a closed kennel was someone to understand him and a spacious back yard! And, to his luck – Jon had all that! Together with his new sibling, Smokey, Wiley embarked on a transformative journey!

He didn’t exactly know how to play at first or how to act around the other dog. According to Jon, it is most likely that nobody ever played with Wiley in his life, but all that was about to change soon.

Little by little, he got out of his shell and started acting like a real dog. He even learned how to play tug of war with Smokey and go on long walks like a true companion.

Jon fostered him for eight straight months! The problem was – no one was still reaching out to adopt him. 

But, Jon remained strong and confident! He was absolutely sure that someone would appear along the way to give a forever home to this amazing boi. And, then, one day – that someone showed up!

Off To A Furever Home

An amazing family from Modesto, California, fell in love with Wiley’s story, and they were more than happy to take him in for good. 

Jon was so grateful to have finally found the perfect home for Wiley, but the fact that he and his pawdorable foster would soon part ways was bittersweet. The morning of the departure, he and Wiley spent a memorable, last cuddle session in bed.

He also let Wiley sit next to him during the whole ride to his new home, leaving Smokey jealous a little bit.

“Smokey and Wiley sure were buds! Now it’s time for us to say goodbye and send Wiley off to his forever home. We will miss you homey but we know you will be so happy with your new family,” wrote Jon.

Once he finally arrived at his new place, Wiley showered his new owners with hugs and kisses. It was as if he had always been their family member, which made things easier for Jon. 

Finally, the two said the last goodbye to each other, leaving Jon in tears. Even though he knew that Wiley had finally found what he had been looking for this entire time, he was so sad to part ways with his buddy.

Still, he was so at peace knowing that this wonderful Pittie had finally settled in a loving home where he could exhibit his true personality without worrying about being dumped at a shelter ever again! And, Jon and Smokey promised their buddy to visit him soon!