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Man Ambushed By 7 Puppies Abandoned In The Middle Of Nowhere

Man Ambushed By 7 Puppies Abandoned In The Middle Of Nowhere

A story such as this takes ‘being at the right place at the right time’ to a whole new level.

Sebastian Bushey, a construction worker from Clarkson, Washington, was just leaving the construction site he was working on, along the Grande Ronde River, when he had to pull over because of something that he saw. 

To say that he was completely shocked would be an understatement. 

The World’s Cutest Ambush

abandoned puppy
Source: Caters Clips

Sebastian originally stopped his car because he saw a small, abandoned puppy lying near the road. 

As shocked and as upset as he was to see this little dog abandoned in a field in the middle of a 105° heatwave, what happened next shocked him even more.

“I was shocked to see one puppy out there, just one itself, but when I called the puppy up to me, six more came out of the bushes. I was in awe,” Sebastian told KLEW TV

Seven little puppies jumped out of the field in the middle of nowhere. 

It seemed like the first puppy acted like bait, and when he made sure it was safe, the other six decided to show themselves as well. 

A local rancher helped Sebastian search the area for either more puppies or perhaps a mama dog, but there were neither. 

“There’s not anyone around for miles, so they were obviously dumped by somebody,” Sebastian said. 

He was visibly upset about the fact that someone dumped them in the middle of nowhere to just die. And, although Sebastian was in such shock, he knew right away that he couldn’t just leave them there. 

“The puppies seemed very timid and nervous to come towards me… because the bush was the only shade they had around them,” said Sebastian. 

He was eventually able to gather all seven of them, put them in his car, and drive home. 

A True Hero

abandoned scared puppies
Source: Caters Clips

Since seven puppies jumping out from a field wasn’t something you see every day, Sebastian decided to film it. 

His post on Facebook, addressing, ‘whoever dropped off 7 puppies to die at Grande Ronde River’, quickly went viral. People from all over the world saw it, with many praising Sebastian as a true hero. 

The puppies seemed very dehydrated, so after bringing them home and giving them some water and food, Sebastian decided to bring them to Lewis Clark Animal Shelter, in Lewiston, Idaho, so they could receive proper medical care. 

At the shelter, the puppies were treated for dehydration, spayed/neutered, and sprayed for fleas. They also received their first round of shots, plus any other medical care they needed before they were put up for adoption. 

“They have all been named words that mean ‘river,’ since I found them next to the Grande Ronde River,” Sebastian said. 

Sebastian went even one step further to help the puppies. His friend showed him how to create a ‘donate’ button on Facebook, so he made one for the shelter and was able to raise thousands of dollars. 

“Doesn’t take too long out of your day to do something nice. If you’re put in the right position, then you should do the right thing,” he said.

One puppy was adopted by his good friend, while the other six found their forever home through the shelter. 

And, all of this wouldn’t have been possible without Sebastian and his selfless act that saved not one, but seven lives!