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Man Who Adopted A Husky Had No Idea How Dramatic He Really Is

Man Who Adopted A Husky Had No Idea How Dramatic He Really Is

When Scot’s dad retired and moved to Oregon, he decided to get a beautiful Husky, named Jackson, as a farm animal.

Unfortunately, Scot’s father passed away unexpectedly, leaving the family to figure out what they were going to do with Jackson.

Being attached to the adorable pup, Scot just couldn’t let him go, so he decided to transport him to Los Angeles, California, and take Jackson in.

New Life

Even though Scot and his wife weren’t really ready for a dog, they decided to give it a shot and see what happened.

And, they are glad that they did!

“I’ve never had this type of bond with any dog. My wife spends way more time with him, and I don’t know what it is, but he just loves me,” said Scot.

Jackson adores his mom as well, but he just loves messing with her more.

Loving The Drama

Apart from being a very handsome boy, Jackson also loves being dramatic.

No matter what the occasion is, this pup will do whatever it takes to draw all the attention to himself.

He will not only bark at his hoomans, but at inanimate objects as well, such as fruit and vegetables.

He talks, he yells, and he throws his tantrums. He is like that almost every day.

Another particular thing that Jackson does to draw attention to himself is backing his legs up on the couch, so that only his front legs are sticking out and on the ground.

If all these methods fail, this clever pup has another trick up his sleeve, and it comes at the expense of the carpet.

Another quirky habit he has is he’ll just paw at the carpet a little bit. I don’t know why he does it, but he just loves doing it.

However, Jacksons’ favorite thing in the whole wide world, apart from his family, of course, is ice!

Whenever we get ice from our fridge, he knows what that sound is, so he will come running, asking for some ice. We fill up the pool with a hundred pounds of ice and he’s just in there, having a ball, eating all the ice.

Unfortunate Loss

Jackson and his family recently suffered a loss that affected them deeply. Their Miniature Pinscher, named Boba, Scot’s wifes’ dog for sixteen years, passed away. 

Jackson used to wait for his sister to finish eating so he could lick her bowl or wait for her before we went all the way downstairs.

Jackson misses his sister very much and loves hanging out with a miniature pillow with Boba’s picture on it, pretending that she is right there next to him like she once was.

Final Word

Jackson truly is a blessing to Scot and his family.

Not only do they have a beautiful and loving dog, but they also have a personal entertainer who will make sure that not a single day passes without some shared fun and laughs.

Good boy, Jackson!