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Heartbroken And Determined Mama Happily Watches As Her Babies Get Their Happily Ever After

Heartbroken And Determined Mama Happily Watches As Her Babies Get Their Happily Ever After

An incredible Chihuahua mix by the name of Sakura may be tiny in size, but her heart and her spirit are extraordinarily large.

Unfortunately, her past life wasn’t really a dream. However, despite all the challenges she was facing while living in southern California, Sakura has shown incredible resilience and courage, all while carrying three little puppies in her belly!

But, fate turned the tables for Sakura, writing a new chapter in her life where she could finally experience the life of every pup’s dream.

An Incredible Mama

One day, Sakura and her adorable litter were suddenly confiscated from their previous home by local animal control.

Being transported to the City of San Bernardino Animal Services, California, this little family was immediately listed for euthanasia. Sakura was extremely malnourished and was so afraid that she would start barking wherever shelter staff would pick up one of her babies.

Luckily, a shelter networker, Lois C., was not willing to let this happen. She started reaching out to rescuers, informing them about the scary faith of this adorable family. It didn’t take too long for Leashes of Love Rescue, Inc. to respond, pulling Sakura and her babies from the shelter and putting them into a loving foster home with Debbie.

Finally, this determined mother had time to relax, work on her health, and care for her adorable puppies.

As days went by, the puppies grew, and Sakura finally had somebody to play with! She loved spending time with her babies, teaching them everything they needed to know about being good furry companions for their future owners.

And, when the time finally came, Sakura’s little litter, Kilo, Kiele, and Kai, were adopted into warm and loving homes.

Sakura’s Happily Ever After

Watching her puppies pursue a life of their own made Sakura really happy, but the fact that she had some time to focus on herself made this determined mama shine.

She has gained a lot of confidence and has mastered all the basic demands! She took all of her vaccinations and is scheduled to be spayed before heading to her forever home. All of this means that she is more than ready to be a part of a loving family!

Every hooman who has ever met her has described her as being the most affectionate, smart, and playful pup ever who loves having fun but also snuggling up for a nice nap.

Because of this, her rescuers believe that she would do best in a home with another active doggo and even little hoomans so that she could continue to have her fun playdates. And, even though she has never been around cats, everybody is sure that she would get along with them, too.

If you believe that you can provide this gorgeous girl with a fun, loving, and caring forever home in which she can thrive, please feel free to fill out an adoption application at the Leashes of Love website

I am sure that she will bring laughter and sunshine into any home.