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Mama Dog Was Desperate To Save Her Babies From A Pit And Then Someone Amazing Came To The Rescue

Mama Dog Was Desperate To Save Her Babies From A Pit And Then Someone Amazing Came To The Rescue

No matter how experienced of an animal rescuer you are, there are some sights that’ll always leave you shocked to the bone.

The Street Hearts crew witnessed a harsh truth when they got a shocking call about a dog being trapped in a pit. Little did they know that was just a small part of the whole story.

The dog, named Angel, wasn’t there alone. And, she definitely didn’t choose to end up in a place with no way out.

The Call That Shocked Everybody

dog in corner
Source: Street Hearts

The team got a call from the local lady who’s been feeding Angel, saying that this furry girl has been trapped in a nearby pit, together with her newborn pups. Shocked by such horrific news, rescuers immediately rushed to the spot.

It turned out that it was the same dog that they had been trying to rescue for the last six months, fighting for life in a trap with no way out.

Only this time, she wasn’t alone! Together with Angel, there were eight of her babies that she had given birth to only a month before in a crumbled, abandoned building. And, two more orphaned pups, too!

puppies in tire
Source: Street Hearts

The SH team didn’t have any evidence, but it was quite clear that the dogs were thrown down there by someone… and then left to wait for the inevitable.

“We have no idea how they ended up in that pit. We would hazard a guess that somebody probably threw them down there,” Anthony told The Dodo.

Rescuers spared no time and immediately pulled the dogs out of the pit. The next thing they knew was a cozy shelter, far away from the uncertainty that once was their life.

Coping With The Trauma

dog in ruins
Source: Street Hearts

Soon enough, Angel and her eight puppies (Dasher, Prancer, Dancer, Cupid, Rudolph, Comet, Vixen, and Blitzen), together with the orphaned ones, Immy and Mr. Mushroom, found refuge among their kind-hearted hoomans.

But, the problem was – Angel was still coping with severe trauma from all the neglect and abuse in the past. 

It took this sweet girl days to warm up and let the rescuers approach her without her hiding in some corner. And, when they finally did – she was as shy as a dog can be.

serious looking dog
Source: Street Hearts

Never giving up on her, the team of rescuers was inclined to give this momma dog a fresh start in life. With lots of TLC and affection, they fought to help Angel make huge progress.

And, when she finally started making progress – her pups thrived more, too!

They posted an update video of Angel only a month after her rescue, featuring Angel’s road to full recovery.

“She still has a very long way to go before she is able to be adopted but we are enjoying being on this journey with her,” her caregivers wrote.

Finally – The Safe Haven

sweet black puppy sitting in front of mother
Source: Street Hearts

Together with her pups that blossomed into amazing furballs, Angel managed to overcome her past trauma! 

She completely came out of her shell and started to play with other dogs, finally enjoying being a part of a huge family. Now, instead of only being a momma, Angel became a wonderful companion and a sibling to many pups in the rescue.

two dogs laying together on dogs bed
Source: Street Hearts

In January 2024, the team posted another Facebook update

“Angel is blooming! Each passing day brings out newfound confidence, revealing her playful and kind nature. It’s wonderful to witness her transformation,” they wrote.

three black puppies standing outside
Source: Street Hearts

After all those hardships in the past, she’s finally on the right track, and she’s not planning on slowing down any time soon. 

With her pups finally being ready, Angel is looking forward to another chance! She’s confident that at the right hour, someone really special would knock on that door and ask for her to be their forever companion.

One thing is for sure – she’s finally ready. And, she’s waiting for that moment to come!