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Abandoned Mama Dog And Her Baby Struggled To Survive Until A Kind Stranger Gave Them A Second Chance

Abandoned Mama Dog And Her Baby Struggled To Survive Until A Kind Stranger Gave Them A Second Chance

One look into a dog’s eyes can tell you exactly how they feel deep inside their heart, and Nora’s sorrowful eyes spoke volumes.

All that she ever needed and wished for was to feel loved, but what she received from her humans was rejection and abandonment. They failed the sweet canine and her little baby when they dumped them at the parking lot without caring for their fate.

Unfortunately, passers-by were indifferent to Nora’s sadness, choosing to ignore her and her little puppy. 

Lying on the concrete, Nora felt hopeless and let down, not knowing that the happiest chapter of her life would soon begin.

Realizing That Kind People Do Exist

two abandoned black dogs
Source: Howl Of A Dog

The employees who worked at the nearby store took notice of the disillusioned mama dog and her pup. 

The kind people fed the canines every day, and they even left toys for them, wishing to comfort them. All the while, they were trying to find them a forever home or a rescue that would take them in.

When the employees contacted Howl Of A Dog, a non-profit organization, rescuers came to collect the pups and take them into their care.

Once the rescue team saw the sad mama dog lying on the concrete, their hearts became filled with sorrow. They were unable to understand how someone could betray their dogs in such a way.

One of the rescuers approached the doggo and caressed her head, giving her some love. 

The pup, later named Nora, didn’t try to get up. She seemed to have lost all hope of being rescued.

black dog laying on a concrete
Source: Howl Of A Dog

The doggo couldn’t believe that her life and the life of her puppy would finally take a turn for the better.

As her rescuer continued to gently stroke her, Nora closed her eyes. She started soaking up the cuddles and wagging her tail.

Although humans failed them so many times, Nora and her daughter, later named Eva, trusted their rescuers and put all their faith in them.

Their hero took them to the vet, where the dogs were given a medical checkup. 

The rescue staff cared for Nora and her pup and gave them love. The canines enjoyed spending time with the wonderful humans, and they began believing in a better tomorrow.

A Life Filled With Immense Love

guy petting abandoned dog
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Howl Of A Dog made their dreams come true when they found them a loving home. 

The adorable mother and daughter were overjoyed to start a brand-new life with their forever parents.

Their family cuddled them and showered them with a lot of love. The sweet pups wagged their tails with the biggest smile on their face. 

Nora and Eva were glad that their family had a dog, and they enjoyed playing with their furry brother.

black dog and its puppies
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Nora’s once hopeless eyes were now bright and filled with joy. The lovely pup knew that she and her daughter were safe and loved.

Nora and Eva succeeded in finding their place under the sun because of good humans who made up their minds to help them.

We hope that all abandoned and stray dogs will find their way toward the better future that all of them deserve.