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Mama Dog Showed Her Rescuers The Sweetest Smile When She Got Reunited With Her Babies

Mama Dog Showed Her Rescuers The Sweetest Smile When She Got Reunited With Her Babies

When a non-profit animal rescue group based in Los Angeles, California received a call about a homeless mama Labrador who recently gave birth in a very remote area, they knew they needed to help her.

As they arrived at the location, the rescue team found out that this wouldn’t be as easy of a rescue as they had initially thought.

Rescue Mission

dog in branches
Source: The Dodo

Since the mama dog was hiding in some bushes, the rescuers didn’t really know how they would get to her.

They tried slowly crawling their way in, but as soon as the mama saw them, she started growling at them, trying to protect her babies.

white dog in a forest
Source: The Dodo

The team, led by Eldad Hagar and Loretta Franco, thought of a very clever way to gain the trust of the protective mother.

They got some burgers and offered them to the mom one by one. When she realized how yummy they were, the team decided not to give her the last burger, but to lure her out with it.

rescuer feeding a dog
Source: The Dodo

Luckily, the plan worked and the mama followed the burger and put her head through a leash that the team cleverly placed.

After taking the mama dog out of the bushes and to a safer place, they came back for the puppies.

puppies sleeping in the woods
Source: The Dodo

Unfortunately, the pups were located in a very difficult area to reach, so the team really had to do their best to get to them, and also to keep them safe while rescuing them.

The brave mama patiently waited to be reunited with her babies, seven in total, having their umbilical cord still intact.  

happy white dog in the forest
Source: The Dodo

The team managed to get all of the pups safely to their mom, placing the family in the car and taking them to their new life.

Little Family

After arriving at the Hope for Paws facility in Los Angeles, the adorable family soon realized that they were in safe hands and the mama dog could finally relax.

mother dog and its pupps
Source: The Dodo

Being in such a loving environment, the pups grew up big and strong, and thus, started looking for the perfect home to spend their days in.

And, they did! In no time, the entire litter, as well as their mom, found a loving forever home in which they settled in as soon as they came through the doors.

girls holding a puppies
Source: The Dodo

Importance Of Rescues

This story is another reminder of just how important and incredible rescues and shelters truly are.

Thanks to the efforts of this Los Angeles rescue, eight dogs were saved and placed in homes that show nothing but love and adoration towards them.  

And, there are many more pups that have gone through the exact same thing!

According to the research done by Hepper, about 4.1 million animals are adopted yearly across the U.S. This is incredible!

However, there are animals who are still patiently waiting to be rescued or adopted. So, head down to your local shelter and offer them helping hands… they are always needed!