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Mama Dog Is Sad When She Realizes All Her Puppies Have Been Adopted But She Still Hasn’t Found A Home

Mama Dog Is Sad When She Realizes All Her Puppies Have Been Adopted But She Still Hasn’t Found A Home

Parting ways with the ones you love, even on a short-term basis, is always a heartbreak. Now, imagine being forced to say one last goodbye – forever! 

That’s what life has been for Margarita, a sweet shelter dog who was forced to watch every one of her babies go away. 

Once she realized that she was all alone and left behind, mom Rita became extremely depressed… until, one day, she completely shut down from the world, uncertain of the future coming her way.

No Momma Dog Should Ever Know This Pain

No dog should feel what Rita felt that day. Total emptiness, a broken heart, and countless cries – that’s pretty much what life turned into for her.

Then, a miracle happened!

The good people of Heart & Bones Rescue, based in Texas and New York City, dedicated to saving helpless canines from overcrowded shelters, learned Margarita’s story and spared no time to help!

“While we typically rescue families who are at risk in shelter environments, we’ve also got a soft spot for the mamas like Margarita who’s puppies find home while they get overlooked,” HBR wrote on Instagram.

The team was heartbroken by Rita’s story, which eventually resulted in the sweetest, most noble plan ever!

They successfully found her a home-based foster home in New York City, hoping that foster care would help her heal the wounds that shelter life left behind. Now, it was only a matter of a one-way journey and a little time before this sweet girl started to feel like her old self.

And, within only days, her life completely changed!

Rita On The Way To A New Start

Even though it took Margarita a little time to acclimate to a new environment, her true personality soon emerged underneath those sad eyes.

To everyone’s surprise, she completely transformed and became a brand-new dog.

Soon enough, Rita became the sweetest, most loving girl in her new foster home. She adapted to other doggo siblings amazingly, and they loved her, too! She now spends countless hours playing and doing zoomies in the yard, and she just can’t take the smile off her face.

Rita has her very own cuddling rituals, too! Whenever she feels like cuddling with her fosters, she gives them the sweetest, most gentle boop with her nose.

“She arrived in NYC this past weekend and is thriving. She’s a shy but friendly, loving girl who enjoys making new furriends! She may take some time to warm up to you, but once she does, it’s nothing but endless love, cuddles and gentle boops,” the rescue wrote.

There’s still one wish left for this momma, and it’s a biggie! 

When the time is right, Rita hopes to find a suitable home and a hooman to love and accompany forever! With the right person on her side, she’s absolutely going to be a wonderful companion and a great furriend. 

Good luck, Margarita! Hope to see you in a loving home soon!