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Mama Dog Hugged Her Puppy In Hopes That Someone Would Notice And Rescue Them

Mama Dog Hugged Her Puppy In Hopes That Someone Would Notice And Rescue Them

Every time I come across a story about a sweet mama dog and her puppies, I am constantly reminded of just how caring dogs are and how much they do to protect their young.

They really are some of the most empathetic animals in the world, and we don’t appreciate this fact enough.

In this story, we will talk about a mama dog who was doing everything she could just to help her puppy have a normal life.

She Was Hugging Her Puppy

When a group of girls noticed the struggling mama dog and her puppy, they couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. 

They asked around to see if anyone claimed these dogs, but the people just told them that they were strays who had been living there for a few days.

Seeing just how malnourished and sad they looked, it was enough to make anyone feel completely heartbroken.

The kind girls gave them some food and water, and the mom was so grateful to see that somebody had finally shown them some kindness.

She ate very little and left the rest of it to her baby, like a caring mother would. Now that the situation was no longer so dire for this family, the girls called for rescuers.

They were kind of busy and arrived later that day, but they were surprised to see that the girls stayed with the dogs the whole time.

It’s kind people like them that restore my faith in humanity every day. The rescuers then examined the dogs and noticed that the puppy had some sort of health problem.

The mom was sleeping the whole time, likely due to exhaustion. The rescuers didn’t want to scare her, so they gently woke her up and placed her in the vehicle.

Vet Revealed Many Problems

At the vet, they determined that both the mom and her baby had Ehrlichia, which is a parasitic bacteria. Among other problems, they were anemic and had infected skin.

The vets were confused as to how she only had one puppy. They speculated that she must have had an owner who used the mama dog for breeding and then abandoned them later.

There was no way to confirm this information, but it did not matter. The rescuers would now take care of the two of them until they found a new home.

As if things weren’t bad enough, an X-ray scan showed that the mom’s tail was broken. It healed some time ago, but not quite how it should have, so they needed to help her somehow.

To help with their treatment, they were both separated for a while. This didn’t help make the mom feel easier, as she was worried about her puppy constantly. 

When the two were reunited, the mom was visibly happier, and she immediately got back into her role and the only thing she wanted was to spend more time with her baby.

They Were So Happy Together

The two have made remarkable progress in their recovery, and they are almost completely healthy now. Their rescuers named them Ala and Mafa.

When talking about a new home for them, the kind people decided that they would only accept offers if they were both adopted together, as they did not want to separate them.

They got quite a few offers, but only for the puppy, Mafa. This was a problem as it made it much more difficult for them to find a home.

So, their rescuers decided to adopt the two of them, as they already loved them and felt like it would be an amazing thing for all of them.

In the end, their story had a complete turnaround, and now this sweet mama dog and her puppy are enjoying their life with the people who gave them a chance when they needed it the most.