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This Determined Mama Dog Who Faced Many Hardships Stayed Strong For The Sake Of Her Litter

This Determined Mama Dog Who Faced Many Hardships Stayed Strong For The Sake Of Her Litter

When determined rescuers from Trio Animal Foundation managed to save a pregnant mama dog named Lily from a breeder who was treating her cruelly, they could only think of one thing – how happy and healthy her babies were going to be in their care.

The first step in making this a reality was to make sure that their mama had everything she could ever want and need.

And, since these hoomans adored animals, she had exactly that.

One Happy Mama

The first order of business was to take Lily to the Companion Animal Hospital in Wicker Park, Chicago, where they took X-rays of her belly. The scans revealed that the pup was carrying 7 babies.

Everybody was overjoyed by this incredible news.

The Chicago vets determined that it would be for the best if they performed an emergency C-section on Lily, which happened the very next day.  

Unfortunately, one puppy did not make it, but the other six, including their mama, were in perfect health.

After the birth, Lily didn’t feel too well. She was feeling exhausted and even refused to eat or drink. And, just four days later, she had to undergo another emergency surgery.  

The vets later determined that she was experiencing some complications with her C-section, causing her condition to worsen.

In order to help Lily recover, the medical staff took over as nannies, making sure that her babies had everything they needed.

This went on for ten days. The puppies were fed by a syringe and Mama was given all of the medication that ensured her swift recovery.

As time went on, unfortunately, another one of Lily’s babies passed away. And, even though she was heartbroken, she was determined to be reunited with the rest of her litter.

After twenty days of intense medical treatments, Lily was finally reunited with her puppies.

The joy that this proud mama felt after seeing her babies again was indescribable.

New Life

As time went on, Lily was regaining her strength and the puppies were growing bigger and cuter.

They loved walking around their kennel and having fun playdates with each other but their most favorite part would be when mama joined in.

And, of course, a mandatory nap was taken after every playdate.

I am sure that, with time, every single one of these incredible pups will find a loving family that will continue providing them with the loving and pawesome life that they deserve.

Until then, I hope they will continue getting along so well, thriving in their foster home, bringing joy to everybody who comes across them.