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Mama Dog Dragged Her Injured Puppy Across The Street Crying Out For Help

Mama Dog Dragged Her Injured Puppy Across The Street Crying Out For Help

A mother’s love truly knows no limits. When a hooman came across a mother dragging her puppy along the street, their heart broke into a million pieces.

The puppy, crying loudly in pain, seemed to be hurt, and his mother was dragging his body, begging for help.

The hooman immediately contacted local animal rescuers who answered the call and immediately made their way to the location.

Help Is Finally Here

The rescuers learned that the hooman who called them was their owner and that the puppy ran into the street and had a terrible accident. His mother was the first one to find him and she was trying her best to relocate him to a safer place.

The rescuers immediately got him into their car and swiftly took him to the vet.

As soon as they arrived, the pup received a thorough medical exam and was immediately put in a neck brace.

He was a very good boy and very cooperative during his checkup. The poor guy even shed a couple of tears.

The vets decided to sedate him so that he would go to sleep and finally rest.

Road To Recovery

Even though the pup was finally safe, he had a long way to go.

Because of his injury, he wasn’t able to walk properly and kept on swaying. The incredible hoomans who were taking care of him then decided to transfer him to another hospital that had modern machines that would allow this poor guy to recover even faster.

As soon as he arrived at the more modern vet clinic, the doctors took him in for a CT scan since they suspected that he had either an injury on his brain or on his spinal cord.

The results later revealed that there was tension on the spine and the spinal cord, resulting in the accumulation of fluid in the cerebellum, which resulted in the shrinkage of the spine.

Even though surgery was the only option the doctors had in helping this pup, it would be too risky to operate on him as the surgical site is way too sensitive, and the doggo might lose too much blood.

After consulting with some professionals, the vets decided not to perform the surgery and place the pup in foster care where he will receive around-the-clock care.  

At The Fosters

When his foster family saw just how determined he was to get back on his paws and live a normal life again, they were overjoyed.

They knew that with just a little bit of love, care, and patience, this sweet boy would be reunited with his mother in no time.

The pup loved being with his fosters. He spent his time having fun, playing, and napping, which was great because being active really improved his overall wellbeing.

The pup, now named Ahu, spent almost two months at his foster before going in for another checkup. When his CT scan showed that his condition was drastically improving, his hoomans couldn’t be happier.

However, they also showed that he would never be able to walk properly again.  

But, Ahu did not let this stop him. He continued to lead a very happy life full of fun and adventures and even learned how to stand up while eating by propping himself up against a wall. Incredible!

His hoomans are determined to provide Ahu with everything he needs to lead a life full of happiness, love, and adventure.

This sweet pup is all grown up now and is living the life of every doggos dream!