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Tired Mama Dog Desperate For Help Begged Random Strangers To Save Her Puppies

Tired Mama Dog Desperate For Help Begged Random Strangers To Save Her Puppies

Aware of the plight of many stray dogs, few good people help those poor creatures every day in every way they can. It was the same this time when they met one hungry dog on the deserted road nearby. 

As they were walking, she suddenly came running from afar. They immediately noticed that she was very hungry and begging to be fed. So, they went to a nearby grocery store and bought some food. 

These kind-hearted people transferred the food to a bowl and put it before her. While she was eating, two of her friends joined and, together with her, satisfied their hunger. After that, she came up to them, sat down, and bowed her head in thanks. 

Poor Little Cuties

Although their hearts were filled with joy because of this good deed, they were still bothered by her mysterious look. It seemed like she wanted to tell them something, as if there were still some poor souls who needed their help. 

Unfortunately, they could not stay at that place any longer due to their work schedule, but they decided to visit her again the next morning.

As soon as they woke up the next morning, they rushed to that place, meeting her on the same road. 

Again, they bought her and her friends some food, but they also waited impatiently to see what this dog actually had to “say” to them. When she finished eating, they followed her as she led them to a deserted harbor. 

From afar, they saw six little creatures who were over the moon when they saw her. Those were her little puppies and it was obvious that the babies needed help. 

They sat there and petted them for a while, but they eventually had to go to work. These big-hearted people didn’t want to give up on this family, though, so they decided to come back in the evening to save these poor souls. 

A Complete Shock

When they finished with the work, these rescuers immediately went to that place again and they brought everything they had to help this sweet little family. 

After they arrived, they soon met the mother dog as she was still waiting for them. Then, she led them to an abandoned house not far away from that place. 

Finally, they found the puppies lying there. The poor little ones curled up on the cold ground and fell asleep. However, they quickly woke up when they saw them, and they were very scared.

Their rescuers approached them and slowly started to gain their trust so that they could more easily take them to their premises, where the puppies would recover. That’s why they stayed with them all night.

Although the rescuers thought things would go smoothly with the mother, she left them in shock the next morning. She escaped, together with one of her puppies, so they managed to save only five of them. 

They were very disappointed, but they had no other choice but to bring only those five puppies to their premises and take care of them in the best possible way. 

When they finally got home, they immediately prepared milk for the puppies. They picked up every one of them and pumped a little bit of milk into their mouth. 

After that, the puppies were examined by a doctor who determined that none of them had any serious health issues. The only thing that bothered them all was dermatitis, which caused many small wounds on their skin. 

Fortunately, the doctors had a solution for that, and the puppies soon felt better. However, they were still troubled by one thing – they missed their mother so much.

They Returned For Her

While the puppies were recovering, their rescuers returned to the abandoned house to look for the mother dog. They managed to find her relatively quickly, but she still did not want to approach them.

However, after several attempts, they were able to lure the remaining puppy into their trap. Even though the mother dog almost went in after him, she eventually turned her head and ran away again.

The rescuers didn’t have time to look for her anymore because they were too worried about the health of this puppy. They noticed that he had a neck injury, so they immediately had to take him to the doctor. 

Fortunately, the doctor prescribed the correct therapy, so this puppy quickly began to recover. The other puppies also healed successfully and were on their way to a new, happier life. 

In the meantime, the rescuers managed to find the mother dog again and visit her every day, bringing her food. Unfortunately, she still didn’t want to go with them for some reason.

This was very heartbreaking for them, but what restored their optimism were the big smiles on the faces of all six puppies. It was a sign that they had fully recovered and were ready for their new beginnings.