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Starving Mama Dog Could No Longer Feed Her Babies But Then A Kind Rescuer Arrived To Help

Starving Mama Dog Could No Longer Feed Her Babies But Then A Kind Rescuer Arrived To Help

Who could stay immune to little puppies’ helpless cries?

Yet, there are still countless abandoned infants living in the worst of conditions and begging for help.

One such case recently posted by Rescue Mission HT broke thousands of hearts all over the world. 

The video caught a mom dog desperately trying to warm up her three tiny babies in the heavy rain. Sadly, all she could do was feed them, as proper shelter was nowhere to be found.

She Almost Gave Up

The momma was on the verge of giving up. She and her babies lived near an abandoned house, with no roof above their head. Their coats were all soaked from the rain, and the babies cried loudly from being exposed to freezing weather.

For things to be even worse, the pups were no more than three weeks old. They were still nursing from their mother a lot.

She spent days roaming the yard and looking for anything edible to fill her starving stomach. She was getting thinner with every new day and the amount of her milk was depleting.

Then, at the end of the tunnel, new hope arose!

One Kind Hooman And A Temporary Shelter

A random passerby informed a local rescuer about the dogs’ situation. Thankfully, the kind man immediately rushed into action and drove to the spot. When he finally located the dogs, his heart broke.

There, in a muddy garden, was a whole family still desperately crying for help. The good news was – the abandoned house used to be a clay factory, so the man got creative. He used an old earthen jar to build the dogs a temporary shelter.

After only a few minutes, the entire family got a safe place to be, filled with a cozy blankie and some food. Unfortunately, the momma was still quite scared and refused any contact. 

Within the next few weeks, the man visited this doggo family on a daily basis. He’d arrive to bring them food and check on their home, just to be sure they were doing okay.

One day, he noticed that the shelter he made got broken due to harsh weather, so he replaced it with another one. He also built them a nice dining table out of a wooden board so they’d have a place to eat.

As the puppies grew, they slowly transferred to soft food and got stronger with every new day.

The rescuer knew that this temporary shelter couldn’t be their haven for much longer, but he waited until their momma finally came out of her shell.

Then, it finally happened!

It Took Only 3 Weeks To Reach Eternal Happiness

After three long weeks of constantly trying to befriend the mom dog, he finally succeeded. She slowly warmed up to her hero hooman, knowing that he was there to help. Still, her mother’s instinct and harsh past didn’t allow her to open up so quickly… until now.

The family was safely removed from the abandoned clay factory’s yard to the rescuer’s home. He and his family embraced these four-legged beauties with an open heart and offered them a place to live. 

It took the canines only a couple of weeks to transform into brand-new dogs. At nine weeks of age, the puppies grew into pawdorable fluff balls who couldn’t stop celebrating their new beginning.

They were literally non-stop, running from one place to another and enjoying playtime with their stomachs finally being full. 

A dog park became their absolute favorite place in the world. With their new family, the four of them now get to visit this endless, green fairytale on a regular basis. Finally free of any fear and far away from the uncertainty of tomorrow, the pups found their forever home.

From now on, their days will be filled with nothing but adventures and love. And, isn’t that everything to wish for in a hooman family?