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Struggling Mama Dog Ate Garbage To Help Her Babies But Then Something Amazing Happened

Struggling Mama Dog Ate Garbage To Help Her Babies But Then Something Amazing Happened

My heart fills with sorrow when I imagine the heartbreak dogs feel after their cruel owners turn their backs on them and abandon them. 

Suddenly, they lose everything – the warmth of a home, the sense of belonging, and their humans whom they see as their greatest protectors.

Indah, a sweet and brave mama dog, felt heartbroken after her owner abandoned her along with her newborn babies at a garbage dump at a local market. 

The doggo was worried about her sweet, tiny babies who were hungry and needed her milk in order to survive. 

Since Indah had nothing else to eat, she started eating garbage in order to have milk for her fur babies.

A Call For Help

The mother dog often approached the people at the market, begging for help, but they chased her away. They misunderstood her cries for help, and they thought that she was aggressive.

The children who lived nearby saw the mother dog at a local market and wanted to help her. The pooch kept barking. She wasn’t sure if she could trust them. After the children realized that they couldn’t help the dog, they contacted a rescue.

The rescuers came to the location and met the sad canine who didn’t let them come near. 

Their hearts broke when they learned that the dog was a frightened mama who was only protecting her newborn puppies. She found a hiding place for them at the garbage dump.

The rescue team fed the mother, later named Indah, and succeeded in winning her trust. 

Indah felt that the rescuers were good people, and she let them collect her puppies. The babies’ eyes were still closed.

Indah felt a sense of relief in her heart. She and her puppies were not alone anymore. The good people stroked the brave mama dog, and she enjoyed their cuddles.

The Canine Family Receives The Help They Need

The rescue team drove Indah and her babies to the vet for a thorough medical examination.

Indah was estimated to be between 1 and 1.5 years old. She was diagnosed with scabies, and she was underweight. Her body was covered in ticks.

The vet team examined Indah’s abdomen and found out that she was eating garbage. Fortunately, she didn’t need to undergo surgery. Both the rescuers and the vets were saddened that the doggo had to consume garbage in order to keep her babies alive. 

They were impressed with her boundless love for her puppies. 

Feeling Safe And Loved

Indah’s babies were in excellent health. They kept snuggling next to each other.

The rescue team took the delightful canine family to the rescue and gave them all the necessary care and a lot of love.

Indah was glad because she was able to take care of her babies in a warm and cozy place. The sweet mama dog felt at peace, and she appreciated all the affection she was given.

As time passed, the puppies thrived, and they ended up finding their great families who promised to love them forever.

After her babies moved to their new homes, Indah could focus on herself. 

She now enjoys life and loves spending time with her rescuers. Her once sorrowful eyes became filled with happiness.

We hope that the adorable and resilient pooch will find the perfect forever home that she deserves.