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Terrified Mama And Papa Dog Hide Their Five Adorable Puppies In A Historic Mansion 

Terrified Mama And Papa Dog Hide Their Five Adorable Puppies In A Historic Mansion 

A volunteer-based rescue from Memphis, known as Streetdog Foundation, received an alert about a frightened mother dog, her puppies, and an injured father dog living under a historic mansion in the Victorian Village district in Memphis.  

Upon receiving the distressing news, the team of volunteers sprang into action immediately, recognizing the dire situation the entire family was facing.

The mama dog was very ill, the papa dog was severely injured and fighting for his life, and the puppies were covered in blood-sucking adult fleas, which meant they didn’t have much time left. 

The whole rescue proved to be extremely challenging, but the dedicated volunteers were determined not to let this little furry family down. 

Meet The Victorian Village Pups 

The mama dog – a German Shepherd later named Victoria – was very skinny and terrified. 

The rescuers initially attempted to slowly gain her trust by offering her treats and food. Their goal was to build a connection so they could eventually reach the puppies hidden somewhere under the Victorian Village historic mansion.

They were all hidden deep within the mansion, making it exceptionally challenging for the volunteers to reach them.

Eventually, the team managed to pull out five beautiful puppies who were completely covered in fleas and required immediate veterinary care. 

Meanwhile, the papa dog remained unresponsive, and the mama dog was steadfastly guarding him.

After several more hours of rescue efforts, Victoria, the mother dog, was finally caught.  

She was incredibly emaciated, and they rushed her to the vet for fluids and rest. 

However, the papa dog had wedged himself into a nook within a crawl space that was completely inaccessible to the rescuers. 

“We tried so hard but can’t get to him. We know he’s scared, and this is one of those times we wish we could explain to dogs that everything is going to be okay. We are giving him a break and left food and water under the house. We will be back early in the morning,” the Streetdog Foundation wrote in their Facebook post

Rescuing Papa Dog James Lee 

When the rescuers returned the next morning for the papa dog, whom they named James Lee, they discovered he was no longer under the mansion. 

He did eat the food they left for him, giving them a glimmer of hope for his well-being.

“We have covered the access point to the crawl space and have set up a humane trap with game cameras. We have volunteers looking for him and also checking on the trap. This rescue has been tough physically and emotionally, and we just want this family reunited so they can begin their new life,” the rescue wrote

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, James Lee was rescued. He was badly injured, very scared of humans, and needed lots of time to decompress; however, he was finally with his little family. 

Once the entire family was safely at the vet, the rescue team became a bit emotional. 

There were so many ups and downs with this rescue, but thankfully, the dogs were together, safe, and no longer had to worry about their future. 

The Road To Recovery

Victoria sadly tested positive for heartworm, but despite that, she continued to be a great mom, eating well to nurture her babies.  

The vet planned to initiate her treatment once the puppies were weaned.

“She has 4 boys — Woodruff, McIntyre, Adams, and Gideon and her only girl is Fontaine,” the rescue said. 

As for James Lee, he, too, tested positive for heartworm, and he had an injured paw that, according to the doctor, needed to be amputated.

The doctors at Grace Animal Hospital were confident that James Lee would adjust well and live a happy and healthy life as a tri-pawd. 

They weren’t wrong. After James Lee underwent his surgery, he was happier than ever, walking as if nothing had happened at all.

Meanwhile, the puppies were eating and growing like crazy, ready to be adopted soon. 

Going To A Forever Home

Streetdog Foundation successfully found perfect forever homes for all five puppies, where they will be loved and cared for throughout their lives.

James Lee was also adopted by his favorite person in the world. From the moment of his rescue through his recovery, he had one very dedicated volunteer who was by his side at all times.

“When he was able to move to a foster home, she knew it had to be with her. She set up her apartment to accommodate him, slept next to him in his crate when he was scared, and taught him how to live in a home as a loved companion,” the rescue wrote in a post

James Lee now lives with his loving mama and two kitties, Lynx and Hopper, one of which is also a tri-pawd, just like him. 

I wish I could say the same for the mama dog, Victoria, but sadly, things didn’t turn out well for her in the end. 

Shortly after the rescue, Victoria was diagnosed with canine brucellosis, which is a contagious disease to other animals and humans. 

The complications were incredibly severe, and her pain was so overwhelming that there was nothing they could do to save her. She died surrounded by the people who adopted and loved her. 

“While her mom held her paw, she was told about how each of her pups are safe and in loving homes. James Lee’s foster mom was also there and told Victoria how far he has come and how much he is loved and cherished,” the rescue wrote in their memorial post.