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Maltese is a small, white dog breed that has been around for thousands of years. Besides their fluffy white coat they are also quite known for their elegant and radiant appearance. Cutest lap dogs and companions all in one. 

Young maltese dog in a meadow

Male Vs. Female Maltese: Which Makes The Better Pet?

Which makes the better pet? Let's check out all the differences between these two adorable dogs together.

Lovely maltese puppy in the Garden

How Much Does A Maltese Cost? Crunching Some Big Numbers

What is the initial cost, and are they bigger than additional ones? Let's crunch some big numbers!

maltese puppy lying in grass looking at camera

Maltese Colors Guide: Do They Appear In Shades Other Than White?

Not sure which Maltese shades are acceptable? Discover how many of them are recognized as official Maltese colors right here!

teacup maltese dog

Teacup Maltese: A Tiny White Pooch To Love

The Teacup Maltese is a smaller and cuter version of the standard Maltese. But, should you care more about looks rather than the dog’s health?

black maltese dog sitting on the chair

Black Maltese Dogs: How Come Mine Is Black?

Help yourself make a decision on getting that black Maltese you always wanted and decide by the time you finish this article.

Top 5 Most Reputable Maltese Breeders In The UK (2022)!

18 Best Dog Food For Maltese: Everything Your Small Pooch Needs!

Step into the world of small dog breeds and find out what kind of food Maltese dogs need for a healthy and happy life!

woman brushing her maltese dog

9 Best Brush For Maltese Dogs: Take A Look At Our Top Picks

This article will arm you with the tools and the knowledge to keep your dog's coat in impeccable condition!

maltese getting a treat

7 Healthiest And Best Treats For Maltese Dogs In 2022

The best treats for Maltese are hard to find given how much choice there is. Find a shorter and more accurate list right here.

maltese at spa resting after grooming

8 Safest And Best Dog Shampoos For Maltese

Finding the best shampoo for this dog can be a chore given the many requirements. Here are some of the best ones we’ve found.

white maltese dog

What Were Maltese Bred For? Lap Dogs Or Watchdogs?

Were they made to be the perfect lap dogs or attentive watchdogs? What were Maltese bred for? The answers will surprise you!

maltese dog standing on the rock on sunny day

Ultimate Maltese Growth Chart For All Pet Parents

How big do Maltese get? How heavy should your pooch be? You will find handy information in this detailed Maltese growth chart.