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Severely Malnourished Dog Really Needed Help And Then He Met The Most Amazing Person

Severely Malnourished Dog Really Needed Help And Then He Met The Most Amazing Person

It’s become almost a regular thing for people who don’t care about dogs to adopt one for “protection” only to completely neglect or abuse them.

This is completely wrong, and the practice needs to stop. Anyone who has ever adopted a dog knows just how much they bring to our lives.

They are our best friends and deserve to be treated right. For this poor dog, the situation was quite different.

His owner didn’t care for him and would leave him alone for days without feeding him. It’s only through luck that somebody noticed his misfortune and decided to help.

A Long Way To Go

starving dog
Source: The Moho

When a rescuer spotted a seriously malnourished dog who needed help, she decided to do something about it.

He was only an eight-month-old puppy and was struggling this much. I just can’t believe how anyone could treat a sweet dog like this.

The pup also didn’t receive any food and spent most of his days isolated and hungry. To make things even worse, he was sick, had an injury, and needed medical attention.

After the rescuer approached him, he was very friendly because he was desperate to get help. The woman made a decision.

malnourished dog eating
Source: The Moho

He was going to get better, so she took him to a veterinarian clinic almost immediately. After a checkup, they determined that he was suffering from anemia and diarrhea.

Because he didn’t eat for days and was malnourished, the pup also couldn’t move around much.

The veterinarians were working really hard to make sure he recovered. He was placed on a diet so he could get his weight back up.

A Brand-New Chapter

close-up photo of rescued dog
Source: The Moho

After about two weeks of intense treatment, the pup was starting to recover. Even though he had a long way to go, the progress was becoming visible.

The limp is still present from his leg injury, but it is not impairing his movement too much. He still likes to take walks.

He is still showing signs of depression, but everyone is trying to help him get more comfortable and happier.

The pup would soon meet a new friend with whom he enjoys playing a lot. This was the first sign that his mood was going to improve.

dog in the yard
Source: The Moho

He is showing signs of progress, even though it is slow. The poor dog has been through so much, it’s difficult to even imagine.

Who knows how his life would have been different if his rescuer didn’t come to save him when she did?

However, right now, it’s important to focus on the positives. He is doing a lot better, and his rescuer is making sure he gets everything he needs.

She is really amazing for giving him this new chance to live his life. I hope he continues to enjoy his adventures, and I wish him all the best.