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Mailman Sees A Pup Collapsed On The Side of The Road, And Figures Out What To Do

Mailman Sees A Pup Collapsed On The Side of The Road, And Figures Out What To Do

It was another cold day in Missouri. Nate Ohlman, a mailman at the U.S. Postal Service, was going about his work, unaware that he would soon meet a furry creature that would change his life. 

While he was delivering mail, all of a sudden, he came across a senior pup lying on the side of a road. The canine was covered in sores and he was struggling to keep warm.

The moment Ohlman saw him, he was left brokenhearted and he knew he had to help him.

Rushing Him To The Hospital

Ohlman began approaching him slowly because he didn’t want to scare him away. As he was coming closer, he realized that the dog was unable to see him and hear him very well.

“I moved around a bit and made some noises, until he could see me and as soon as he did, he stood up and bolted for my mail truck. He was frostbitten, starving and alone,” Ohlman said.

The pup, later named Sloan, felt that he could trust Ohlman and he accepted his help right away. Once Sloan was in his car, Ohlman took a closer look at him. He was severely underweight and neglected.

Ohlman believed that Sloan was abandoned by his family. He couldn’t fathom the fact that somebody could be so insensitive and betray this loving pup.

He drove him to the animal clinic right away, hoping that he had found his friend in time and that he would be alright. He left his contact number at the clinic and told the staff to keep him updated about Sloan’s condition.

Ohlman resumed his work, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Sloan and wondering how he was doing. He was moved by the dog’s situation and the fact that he had nobody to shower him with love. Ohlman decided to place an early-bird adoption hold on him.

“I thought about how and why somebody can do such a terrible thing to such a helpless creature. It broke my heart to continue to think he had no one to love him. I had to adopt him — just had to. I do not believe in a lot of things but I do believe I was meant to find him,” Ohlman said.

The Doggo Gets The Best Care Possible

KC Pet Project, located in Kansas City, Missouri, took the sweet pup under their care and Sloan moved to the shelter. The shelter staff was heartbroken after they saw the terrible condition the pooch was in. He was so malnourished and weak that he could barely stand on his paws.

“He had the lowest body score condition that our veterinarians could give,” Tori Fugate, chief communications officer at KC Pet Project, told The Dodo

Sloan’s caregivers gave him the necessary medications. At first, they were concerned if Sloan would make it, but after he was given the best care possible, the doggo’s condition began improving.

After he regained his strength, he moved to a foster home. His foster family pampered him with care and he continued thriving.

Sloan transformed into the happiest and most adorable pup. He enjoyed the cuddles and the attention that his foster family gave him.

Running To His Dad’s Arms

When Sloan made a complete recovery, he was ready to move to his forever home. His shelter friends called the pup’s rescuer who was eagerly waiting to reunite with him.

After Ohlman found out that he could finally adopt Sloan, he was overjoyed. Sloan’s shelter friends were delighted to witness their reunion. The adorable pup remembered the face of his rescuer, and he was over the moon to see him again.

He ran to his arms and covered him in kisses, wishing to thank him for saving his life.

Sloan fell in love with his life. Finally, he had a dad who loved him unconditionally. He felt safe and adored.

Sadly, Ohlman shared on his Facebook that adorable Sloan moved to doggy heaven. He was happy with his dad who gave him all his love. Ohlman will always cherish the wonderful memories he made with his beloved doggo.

We’re immensely grateful to Ohlman for helping Sloan and for making him the happiest dog in the world.