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Mailman Noticed A Dog Who Desperately Needed His Help So He Went To Her Aid 

Mailman Noticed A Dog Who Desperately Needed His Help So He Went To Her Aid 

Many people encounter stray and abandoned dogs in their daily lives, but only a few will actually stop and help. 

This compassionate gesture of a mailman from St. Louis reminds all of us of the impact a simple act of kindness can have. 

That day, he chose to deliver not only mail but also empathy and compassion, which resulted in saving one furry life. 

The kind mailman was on his regular route when he suddenly saw a sight that tugged at his heartstrings – a poor, helpless dog who needed urgent medical care. 

Guided by his heart, he quickly pressed the brakes and jumped out of his van to help this poor pup.   

Beautiful Act Of Kindness 

When Mr. Mailman came closer to her, he was met with the kindest eyes he had ever seen. This pup was simply beautiful despite the evident swollen lump on her face. 

You could see in her eyes that the lump was causing her so much pain, but she was still very friendly and cooperative. 

It was her lucky day because she was going to finally receive the help she needed. 

The kind mailman kept her safe in his van until Stray Rescue of St. Louis was able to meet with him and pick her up. 

Recently, the rescue has been dealing with overcrowding at the shelter, which has limited their ability to rescue more animals in need. 

However, when they got a call about this poor baby, they simply couldn’t leave her out – she needed medical attention urgently. 

Without wasting any precious time, Donna Lochmann, one of the chief rescuers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis, went to pick up this little girl, which they decided to name Parcel. 

It was finally time for Parcel to receive the much-needed help. 

The Beginning Of A New Life 

“When we first saw Parcel, we thought she had a large, infected bite wound. But it actually appears to be Sialocele – aka a ruptured salivary duct that will most likely need to be removed via a specialty surgery,” the rescue wrote in their Instagram post

The emergency vet drained the lump a little bit, which helped with the swelling, but unfortunately, Parcel needed surgery to completely remove it. 

As a result of the ruptured salivary duct, her saliva is trapped and pools, causing an infection to occur. It is not clear how she suffered this injury – they think she might have hit her head or was hit by something.

“She’s so petite and so sweet. We’re thankful she’s here with us getting the help she needs,” the rescue added. 

After a week spent at the St. Louis’ rescue, Parcel left for something they like to call “Rovernights”. 

It’s a special program at the rescue, which allows people to share their hearts and homes with an orphan pet. This means that you can take a dog from the shelter and host it in your house for four to five days. 

This program is especially intended for people who are seriously considering adoption, so hopefully, Parcel will find her forever home soon. 

People all over the internet are praising the mailman’s kind act because if it weren’t for him, who knows if Parcel would have even survived. 

“Mailman went above and beyond!!! Sir, thank you for your compassion and for keeping this precious pup safe – a hero,” one person commented on Instagram. 

Thank you for being so kind!