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Madame Eyebrows Is The Saddest Looking Dog You’re Gonna See Today

Madame Eyebrows Is The Saddest Looking Dog You’re Gonna See Today

Don’t all dogs look like they’re always having the time of their lives? Whether it’s the greatest hike in the world or just a simple walk, they pretty much appear happy at all times.

But, as much as we would love to accept this as the universal truth, it seems that some doggos would highly disagree!

Meet Madame Eyebrows! This Bulldog girl is not only far from looking happy, but she, in fact, might be the grumpiest, saddest-looking dog in the world. 

With her unique eyebrows and one-of-a-kind appearance, Madame Eyebrows is often perceived as unhappy, but the truth will surprise you!

“The Grumpy Bulldog”

Her unique look isn’t a one-time thing! 

This Bulldog girl entered Janina’s home at the age of 8 weeks, and even then, she looked like the saddest pup in the whole world. Her unique eyebrows are usually the first thing people notice about her, but the truth is – Madame is full of personality.

“It was so funny because – first, we saw her eyebrows, then we saw the rest of the puppy and we fell so much in love,” says Janina.

She might be seen as the grumpiest, most unhappy doggo in the world, but Madame’s personality is so much different. She’s actually quite a happy dog that loves every single thing about her little world!

She’s the loveliest cuddle bug in the family. And, she definitely owns and rules the entire house, as every inch of it is basically her private bed. 

That’s right! Madame Eyebrows loves taking naps everywhere, and her odd poses are something Janina and the family are used to.

When she’s not taking her fabulous naps, Madame Eyebrows gets the funniest zoomies ever! She runs up and down the back yard like the most enthusiastic pup until eventually, she runs out of energy.

At the end of the day, the thing she probably likes the most is snuggling right next to her hoomans. Or, her doggo sibling, Willy! 

She Is Everyone’s Sweetheart

Being immune to Madame Eyebrows’ sweetness is just impossible. She’s so gentle and affectionate that she’s practically everyone’s favorite!

She has a wonderful way with adults, kids, other dogs, and all kinds of animals. The first time Janina and her family got her, they were quite skeptical. They already had a Labrador called Luna, and they didn’t know how she’d respond to Madame, but then their fears vanished!

Luna accepted her little sister in a heartbeat, and just like that, the two became the best friends in the world.

“First we had a Labrador, so we didn’t know if we can handle a bulldog, too. Now she’s in our home and we love her character so much because she’s so funny,” says Janina.

Even though Luna’s long gone, Madame Eyebrows has never stopped being the sweetest sibling. Today, she’s the older sister to Willy, the family’s other dog, and the two don’t know life without each other.

Aside from her family life, Madame has her very own Instagram account. Her adorable and unique look has made her a celebrity, as Madame is being followed by thousands of people!

She makes her followers laugh all the time with her grumpy, sad-looking face and her fabulous costumes.

If there’s one thing that we can say with certainty, it’s that Madame Eyebrows is definitely living the best life she could possibly imagine!