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Lost Dog, Loki, Finally Reunites With His Owner After Two Long Years Of Missing

Lost Dog, Loki, Finally Reunites With His Owner After Two Long Years Of Missing

I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of heartbreak after losing a dog. No words can truly capture the pain an owner must go through when their favorite furry friend goes missing.

Sadly, for some, that is a harsh reality.

When Shamantha Powers, an Indiana woman, learned that her beloved dog, Loki, had disappeared, her heart shattered into a million pieces.

She searched high and low for him, but, after almost two years, she stopped hoping. Until…

She Lost Every Hope

It was one of the toughest days, for sure, but Powers eventually ended her quest for Loki. Since the moment he had gone missing, she searched everyone and posted on all social media platforms, but there was no response.

“As soon as I got home I searched high and low, posted on all social media platforms.. PetSmart, lost animals, Pet finder, Craigslist, all the things I could possibly think of, all with no luck! ” Powers wrote on Facebook.

With every new day, the chances of finding Loki were getting smaller. 

At last, Powers lost every hope, as she was absolutely confident that she wouldn’t cross paths with him again. Then, one day, a phone rang!

Heartwarming Reunion

The kind team of rescuers at Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control, Indiana, had the greatest news for Powers and her family! 

After he got loose from the person who was caring for him during this time, Loki was brought to the facility to be scanned for a microchip. Then, the famous “beep” rang! Loki, indeed, had a chip, and it brought him right back home!

The team immediately contacted Loki’s original owner, which led to one of the most heartwarming reunions ever!

“We were able to contact his owner and that is when we found out she had been missing him for almost 2 years and could not contain her excitement that we had her baby,” FWACC wrote in a Facebook statement.

Powers couldn’t believe her ears when she heard the good news. It felt like she was dreaming. After all this time, she was gonna finally see her boi. It was truly a miracle!

“After searching endlessly for him I kinda lost hope. Until I got the phone call yesterday that they found my boy. I can’t begin to explain the overflow of emotions I am going through,” she added in another post.

When she finally arrived at the shelter, the caregivers brought him on a leash and waited for him to recognize his momma.

It took Loki only a couple of moments, and then, his burst of joy and happy jumps filled the room. He recognized his hooman, and now he couldn’t contain his excitement anymore! Loki’s energy was so infectious and sweet that it made everyone cry instantly

There she was, his momma, after all this time!

Powers and Loki spent the next following minutes hugging and kissing each other, making up for all the lost time in the past. Two long years later, they were finally together, and from now on, they never, ever have to leave each other’s side again!

After a heartwarming reunion, the two went off to their home, starting a new life chapter together.

It took Loki a couple of days to settle in and get used to his old place, but he eventually got there, and now, he couldn’t be happier!

Today, he and his momma are ready to take on some exciting new adventures. This time, together!