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This Lost Dog Found Help By Simply Going Into The Police Station And Asking For It

This Lost Dog Found Help By Simply Going Into The Police Station And Asking For It

We all know that our sweet dogs are very clever and can find a solution to a lot of problems themselves.

However, there are many real-life scenarios where we don’t anticipate them making a wise decision. Being lost is one of those situations. 

Most will panic and run in random directions out of sheer confusion, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone. 

In this story, we will talk about a very smart dog who found help in the most clever way anyone of them could.

Rosie Is A Clever Dog

When Rosie first got lost and couldn’t find her way back home, the situation seemed a bit dire for her.

While it’s unclear exactly when she drifted away from her family, Rosie knew she had to do something.

She saw a police station and just walked in it, letting everyone know that she wanted to go back home.

Leicestershire Police wrote in a post: You can see her approaching the doors before walking in and taking a seat in the corner. Good dog!

Now that she was in their care, it was only a matter of time until they figured out where her home was and who the owners were.

An Interesting Reaction

While looking for her family, some of the police officers got some water and tried to make friends with her, which Rosie gladly accepted.

Because she had a collar, it meant that locating her family was easy enough, and they were notified pretty quickly about her whereabouts.

When the story of Rosie was posted online, it went viral pretty quickly and there were many reactions to it, with most of them being positive.

One commenter said: Obviously wants to be part of the K-9 unit and become a police dog. Glad she ended up safe and well at the police station.

Another stated that: Collies do what they want, happy she wandered into well meaning hands!

And lastly, but also very important, a commenter said: Not only is she smart, she’s polite! See how she lies down to wait her turn!

In the end, the whole event had a very happy ending, as the clever dog was returned to her owners. While losing a dog can be a traumatic experience, it turned out okay for this family.