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Lonely Stray Dog Didn’t Want To Leave This Random Building Until He Met Someone Special

Lonely Stray Dog Didn’t Want To Leave This Random Building Until He Met Someone Special

Homeless dogs dream of finding parents who would wrap their arms around them and show them that they are worthy of love.

Regardless of the time that they spend on the streets, they never stop hoping that they will find their happiness and turn their life around.

Buddy, a lovely stray pup, hoped to fulfill his dream, and he continued searching for his humans.

One day, while roaming the streets, a random building attracted his attention. Hoping that the people who were inside wouldn’t chase him away, the lonely pup decided to stay nearby.

A Good Human Takes The Lonely Pup Home

man and dog at the front door
Source: The Dodo

A man named Ryan found the sweet pooch outside his workplace. He stroked him and the pup wagged his tail. He was happy to meet a good human who showed him kindness.

The beautiful smile on the pup’s adorable face melted Ryan’s heart. He fell in love with the dog and he took him home. 

After they arrived in front of his family house, Ryan opened the door, and the pup curled up at the entrance. He was too frightened to cross the threshold and enter the house.

Ryan carried the dog, later named Buddy, inside and the doggo laid on the floor. Ryan’s wife, Tracey, greeted him and welcomed him to their home. 

Buddy was too timid, and he kept lying on the floor, looking at them with his adorable eyes. The couple hoped that their love would help him overcome his fear.

man petting a stray dog
Source: The Dodo

Ryan carried Buddy to the bathroom and he and Tracey gave him a great bath. They noticed that the pup had patchy spots on his fur.

Tracey took Buddy to the vet and he had a complete medical checkup. The vet informed Tracey that Buddy’s patchy spots were caused by mites and the pooch was prescribed medicine. 

He was scanned and he didn’t have a microchip.

Gaining Buddy’s Trust

dog lying on the carpet
Source: The Dodo

The whole family, including the couple’s son, Noah, tried to win Buddy’s heart. 

During the first few weeks, Buddy stayed in his crate. His family hand-fed him and talked to him. They often entered his crate and stroked him. They wanted to shower him with love, but Buddy was still shy.

The couple already had two dogs, and their pup, Sissy, didn’t like Buddy. The two canines growled at each other whenever Sissy approached Buddy’s crate.

Tracey felt happy when she noticed that one family member succeeded in gaining the dog’s trust.

“There was one person he started opening up to… my son, Noah.  And in the next several weeks, they just spent time together. And then their relationship just kept evolving. If I could describe Buddy and Noah’s relationship, two peas in a pod,” Tracey told The Dodo.

woman and dog cuddling on couch
Source: The Dodo

Buddy loved cuddling with Noah and he became his favorite human. The pup covered Noah in kisses and showed him how much he loved him.

As time went by, Buddy relaxed. He began snuggling with Tracey and Ryan. 

Buddy Lives His Best Life

dog lying in bed
Source: The Dodo

The whole family fell in love with his sweet personality. He was no longer the timid pup. He was now a happy dog who had a lot of love to give.

“He’s a crazy ball of energy who loves attention, but he also loves really, really hard. He was the missing puzzle piece to our family,“ Tracey added.

After realizing that Buddy became a permanent member of the family, Sissy accepted him, too. The two pups started getting along.

Buddy loves his new life. He enjoys running in the yard with his doggy siblings. He feels like the happiest dog in the world because his dream of finding a loving family came true.