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A Lonely Dog Came To A Sanctuary Hoping To Be Rescued By Someone

A Lonely Dog Came To A Sanctuary Hoping To Be Rescued By Someone

The common wish of all stray canines is to find their hoomans and love them more than anything else in this world. Their parents’ loving embrace would be their home.

These lovely creatures deserve to find their happiness and leave the dangerous life on the streets.

The following story is about Deputy – one of the many homeless dogs who ceaselessly roam the streets, hoping to find a person who would love him and care for him with their whole heart.

Deputy’s search for love and kindness led him to the Off The Grid Animal Sanctuary, a non-profit rescue, located in Texas. Although the doggo felt sad and scared, he gathered up the courage to enter the sanctuary gate.

Welcoming Deputy

As soon as the canine residents of the sanctuary saw him, they began barking. Bionca Smith, the founder of the sanctuary, looked through the window and saw a dog whom she had never seen before. He was waiting at the gate, hoping that someone would help him.

Smith immediately went over to meet him. The first thing she noticed was the sad expression on his face. Since he was a big dog, Smith was a bit cautious at first, and she didn’t know how to react.

“I could tell he was looking for help, but his face was a little intimidating to me for a brief moment. I could’ve been afraid he’d bite me. He could’ve been afraid I’d hurt him, but because of the connection that comes with being at the right place at the right time … when you know, you know,” Smith wrote on Instagram.

Smith felt in her heart that she could trust this pup, and she started talking to him in a gentle voice, trying to encourage him to approach her. The canine, later named Deputy, felt an instant connection to Smith and he walked over to her with his tail wagging.

Her heart melted when the pooch held out his paw, asking for help. She took his paw and stroked it tenderly, feeling honored that he trusted her. The doggo knew that he had come to the right place. 

With his endearing gesture and the sad look in his eyes, Deputy stole Smith’s heart. She welcomed him to the sanctuary and showed him around.

Since Deputy was a stray, he needed to start his quarantine before being introduced to the other dogs. However, there was a special pup who just couldn’t wait to meet him and say “Hi”.

“Kumo is our guardian dog. [He’s] the alpha of our pack and the friendliest [dog] ever. Before Deputy can enter, they must meet before quarantine,” Smith wrote in the Instagram video.

As soon as Kumo saw Deputy approaching, he extended his paw through the fence. He wanted to let Deputy know that he was welcome to the sanctuary.

Feeling Safe And Loved At The Sanctuary

After completing his quarantine, Deputy was introduced to the other residents who were happy to meet him. The pup instantly fit in with them.

Deputy feels free and he loves sprinting with his new doggy friends. The affectionate canine loves his rescuer. He enjoys snuggling with her and giving her sweet hugs.

He looks like a different canine. There is not a trace of sadness on his beautiful face. His eyes now sparkle with joy. The safety and love he received at the Texas sanctuary made him happy and confident.

I have no doubt that Deputy would soon find a loving home and wonderful pawrents who would love him just like he deserves.